Travel agents have the pleasure of setting people up to take dream vacations. It’s a pretty good feeling knowing that you’re helping someone take a vacation they’re desiring to go on. And, fortunately, with expanding technological opportunities within the travel agency realm, it’s easier than ever to get into contact with people that live in other areas looking to travel. For example, you can use virtual phone numbers with local area codes to contact those looking to book Washington DC vacations. If you’re a virtual travel agent aiming to make more money by reaching more people, consider the impacts that virtual phone numbers can bring to the table. 

Benefits of Being a Virtual Travel Agent

Essentially, a travel agent is someone who researches and books vacations and trips for people who want to get out of their home town for business or travel. They look up flights, compare hotel room rates, and may even research and reserve dinner reservations, events, and sightseeing ventures. However, a virtual travel agent is someone who does the same job, but doesn’t have nearly as many restrictions. Essentially, a virtual travel agent works remotely, most commonly in their own homes. This gives them an edge, as they can create and stick to their own schedule. But, this also allows them to utilize alternative methods of gaining nonlocal customers that want to vacation or travel out of their local area. 

Virtual travel agents can work remotely by way of owning and operating their own businesses. Or, working for a host agency (airline companies, hotel franchises, cruise lines, travel agent network, etc.). Furthermore, because they don’t have a set location, they can call potential customers from all over, including Washington DC, to expand their consumer audience base

Booking Vacations to DC as a Virtual Travel Agent

It’s easy to see why people may want to visit Washington DC for a vacation. If you’ve ever been there, you know of the government buildings and monuments, its rich history, and the beautiful architecture that make this city extraordinary. With all of the museums, malls, and tours to visit and see, tourists rarely ever run out of things to do during their stay in DC. All of this and more makes planning Washington DC vacations a great opportunity for virtual travel agents

Getting Local Area Code Numbers to Help People Plan Trips

As a virtual travel agent, you won’t be living in the same place as your traveling customers. So, how do you get them to answer the phone and establish a relationship with you if you don’t have a phone number with the same area code? The answer is simple; you don’t. Rather than trying to call out with the number you currently have, you can easily set up and call from local phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding. And, connect with people in specific areas to expand your travel agent consumer market. 

Virtual phone numbers use the internet to offer many capabilities, including easily purchasing and utilizing phone numbers of people with different area codes than you. This way, you can purchase a Washington DC Area Code phone number to reach people in that specific area. And, since they can be paired to any business phone line, they can even be set up on your mobile device. So, even if you’re traveling, you can still make your business phone calls from your virtual phone number lines. 

Closing: Book More Vacations to DC with Virtual Phone Numbers

Do you know of an area that includes many people looking to book Washington DC vacations? Get a local virtual phone number to better target and communicate with people in these areas for your virtual travel agency. And, take advantage of all the customizable features of your new travel agent number needed to run a successful virtual agency. These include call recording, voicemail to email, personalized greetings, unlimited extensions, and more. To find out more about virtual phone numbers with localized area codes and their features, contact Global Call Forwarding today.

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