Creating a website is no longer a luxury. Therefore, before developing it, it is necessary to determine the purpose of its creation, the functions of the website, and the goals it must achieve. This will help you get an orderly and efficient resource.

The tasks of the site always include the presentation of goods or services and the informational role. Of course, for a resource to provide information and safety to visitors, it must first be found. The security point can be achieved with the help of the service and their proxy for Malaysia.

So, this involves search engine optimization. It is at the stage of creating a site, you need to pay attention to its search optimization. To do this, we have selected 3 main tasks.

Site Optimization Tasks

Choosing A Domain Name And Hosting

Domain Name

The domain should consist of 2-3 accurate words, without incomprehensible marks and numbers. It can contain a keyword, and it must be easy to remember. From the first visit, the user should have a sense of a solid brand. Words must be separated by a hyphen. You should use a well-chosen extension. The oldest and most important area is .com. Alternatively, you can choose .net. Relatively recently, .info zones have appeared, for commercial resources .biz, public organizations .org.

When it comes to hosting, be sure to choose a paid option, because free ones can accommodate a treasure trove. And such resources have a high chance of falling under the sanctions of search engines. Also, if you have a well-established business, and you expect a lot of traffic on the web resource, do not save: take the best but more expensive hosting.

Choice Of The Platform And Technical Solution For Site Development

Site Optimization

To successfully do site optimization and quickly promote the site, you need to successfully choose a platform. It should be technically optimized and SEO-friendly. Choose only a proven CMS, or create your own with experienced developers. Runaway from free site builders. With them, you will never develop SEO.

If you are interested in a high-quality but inexpensive option with the ability to easily edit text content in the admin – choose WordPress. Cheap option – a ready-made theme for the WordPress site. More expensive, but better and more optimized – the development of individual and unique design, which can then be integrated into this free platform. Of course, if the company’s budget allows, develop your admin based on an effective framework. Advantages – full personalization, better performance, enhanced security (compared to the site on a public platform).

For an online store, choose a platform that has proven its effectiveness – Opencart, Prestashop, or Shopify. Depending on the needs of your online store, one of these three solutions may be right for you. In any case, on any platform, do not use free and untested plugins or modules from unknown developers. Always create strong passwords and do not share access to your hosting account and FTP with anyone. These are the basic security requirements for your online project.

Optimized Site Structure

Optimized Site Structure

The high-quality structure of the site provides an opportunity to effectively adjust to search queries and rationally create new landing pages. So, it will be much easier to get good visibility and search traffic for such a site. Here are three reasons why it is so important for SEO:

  • the convenience of distribution of semantics on landing pages, and their optimization for search and users;
  • high efficiency of indexing the site by search engines – all important pages fall into the index;
  • exemplary user experience and good behavioral factors for SEO are now more important than ever.

This is a solid foundation on which to build a confident start for further promotion of the site and brand in the future.

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