Cannabidiol is gaining popularity faster than anyone would have anticipated, and part of this shift into alternative medicine is partly driven by the many downsides of pharmaceutical products – such as pain medication, which can cause addiction. Treating a long term condition such as chronic pain can in some cases cause more problems than the condition being treated. 

But the other thing that makes CBD such a hit especially with millennials is the fact it works within the human endocannabinoid system, and as such, it doesn’t upset the complex network of hormones. Instead, it causes the body to fix itself by triggering the endocrine system to self-regulate. 

So what are some of the benefits of Hemp seed oil?

Hemp seeds contain pretty much the same nutritional value as CBD oil, except for the fact that it is extracted from hemp seeds while CBD oil comes from the stalks, leaves and buds of hemp plants. Hemp seeds are rich in nutritional value and may be used to treat a number of common ailments, some of which we’re going to look at. 

Here are Six awesome health benefits of hemp seeds

What Is Hemp Biomass

o Hemp seeds are rich in essential nutrients

Hemp seed oil contains a variety of nutrients including the very essential amino acids, minerals, and protein. It actually has the full chain of proteins, making it one of the few plant sources of amino acids. The nutrients in hemp seeds are also excellent for protecting your skin from dryness, infection, and irritation (from burns, sun exposure, or other condition). Hemp seed oil can be used topically by applying directly to the affect area, but the seeds can also be eaten as food to provide nourishment and also boost your health.

o Hemp seeds improve cardiovascular health 

The strong antioxidant property in cannabidiol means that it can also reduce the risk of acquiring heart disease. But that’s not the only way it helps with heart health: cannabidiol boosts metabolic function, making it easier to lose excess weight. For a person dealing with weight problems, the extra fat can put pressure on heart muscles, causing high blood pressure – which of course can lead to stroke. Taking CBD every day can be good for your blood pressure and heart health. 

o Hemp seed oil reduces inflammation

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Cannabidiol is anti-inflammatory, and that makes it an effective treatment for common injuries that lead to inflammation, but also, inflammation of the intestines, which is also common and disrupts the normal digestive process. If you exercise a lot and don’t have an effective treatment for muscle soreness and inflammation, massage some hemp seed oil on the affected areas before and after your workouts. It should speed up healing and make it possible to exercise every day without problems.

o Hemp seeds prevent pain

In case you haven’t heard, cannabidiol is a natural cure for pain. This includes all sorts of pain from injury, arthritis, period pain, and migraines. This is true because cannabis has been used to treat pain for thousands of years, and there are no side effects – which can’t be said of NSAIDs and other pain medication. 

o Hemp seeds can help you lose weight

Because of its ability to streamline hormonal function in the endocrine system, cannabidiol may be useful for managing appetite, and more importantly, controlling food portions. Keep in mind that hemp seed oil contains a high fiber content, and of course, it becomes easier to reduce your snacking habits when there is fiber in your diet. Add some hemp seeds to your diet to get the fiber, so that you feel full for longer.

o Hemp seed oil is neuroprotective

Cannabidiol’s antioxidant property makes it good for your brain health. Remember, CBD causes neurogenesis, which means it helps to create new brain cells. This particular function makes the hippocampus healthier, and reduces the chance of getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If brain cells are not dying too fast, and there is a mechanism for creating new ones, the brain stays young for longer than usual.

Is hemp seed oil safe to use?

Benefits of Hemp

From what we gather reading all the medical studies involving cannabidiol, the compound is generally safe to use, and is tolerated well by the vast majority of users. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization published their own findings on cannabidiol, and rated it as safe for humans. This comes as no surprise since the FDA has allowed CBD to be used as treatment for epilepsy, and the general consensus is that the federal regulations around cannabidiol will get looser with time.

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