Take your workstation with you with these Macbook Pro essential accessories for traveling! Keep your gadgets safe, stay organized, boost productivity, and more!

The PCs market is among the few sectors of the economy that are thriving despite the COVID- 19 pandemic, having gained 9% in sales this year. The gain is a major leap from the 72.9 million personal computer units sold in the year 2019. Models such as MacBook have become a personal favorite for most people as businesses and learning become more personalized.

One of the best things about using a MacBook is the flexibility and mobility, which allows you to use the device while on the go. However, most users are not aware of the MacBook Pro essential accessories that make traveling easy and fun.

With your MacBook PC, you can now do business, attend virtual meetings, and remain entertained while on the move.

Are you wondering how? Let’s look at the 9 essential MacBook Pro accessories you might find useful when traveling.

1. The Apple Magic Mouse

When using your MacBook in the middle of a long trip, ease of navigation is paramount. Most times, an external mouse is more time-saving than the in-built option. If you are using a laptop stand or trying to navigate through files while in traffic, a wireless mouse will do the trick.

The Apple magic mouse not only adds precision to the cursor movement but also makes clicks easier. You don’t have to keep moving the MacBook Pro closer anytime you need to navigate.

You can click here to learn more about how to diagnose your Mac when adding MacBook Pro essential accessories such as the magic mouse.

2. Boom 3

Nothing completes a long drive better than good music. Even so, it’s not always that you would wish to have your headphones on. That’s why you might need the Boom 3.

This accessory comes with the latest wave of Bluetooth speakers, which adds to a unique sense of flexibility. With Boom 3 auxiliary bass and volume are no longer a problem. You can now enjoy all the music on your MacBook Pro while traveling.

3. Plug Duo

What’s your number one fear when using your gadgets while on a long trip? For most people, its battery life. You’re often wondering where to get chargers that are compatible with your USB accessories.

The PlugBug Duo saves the day. This option solves all your traveling dilemmas given its Duo PlugBug USB- A ports. You can now use your MacBook Pro while charging iPhones or iPads on the go.

4. Cool Wood Protector

The cool wood protector should be top of the list of your MacBook pro essential accessories when traveling. Your pricey Mac isn’t immune to spills dings and dents while on the move. This is why you need a wood protector to ensure your device’s safety.

Most times, traveling is hectic, and things can happen. Having an extra layer of protection for your Mac leaves you with one thing less to worry about. The best part is that this accessory is stylish and adds sophistication to your Mac.

5. AirPods Pro

Sometimes you want to zone in on your music and forget the world when traveling. If this is you, then the Airpods Pro are some of the MacBook Pro must-haves when peripatetic. These pods come with excellent sound quality and a transparency mode that makes navigation easy.

You also don’t need to worry about comfort, considering that these Airpods are easy to your ears. The next time you need to catch up on your playlist of favorite movie series while traveling, grab the Airpods for the perfect sound.

6. Curved Stand for MacBook

In 2018, at least 28% of men and 31.6% of women had some form of back pain. Part of the reason for this problem is the static sitting position while using your MacBook Pro. If you travel a lot while using your Mac, there’s a huge likelihood that you might have shoulder and back strains.

The twelve south curved stands for MacBook Pro solve this problem for you. The stand creates a level workstation that ensures comfort for you and the safety of the gadget. You can now work from the outdoors as you attend to other matters on the outdoor.

7. Anker PowerDrive Duo Car Charger

Imagine being late for a presentation only to realize that your MacBook Pro doesn’t have enough charge. With Anker, you don’t need to worry about running low on battery as long as your car is running. You only need to connect the Anker power drive speed + Duo to recharge your MacBook Pro.

The accessory comes with the safety standards necessary to keep your MacBook safe from the wrong voltage rating. You also don’t have to worry about high voltage affecting your laptop.

8. AC External Battery

You can do better with an extra power bank when traveling. While your MacBook Pro might have sufficient battery life, you can never be too sure. The Mophie power station AC external battery is your best bet when in need of an external battery.

This accessory can charge your MacBook Pro and two other devices at the same time. The fast charging option guarantees you an extra 15 hours of battery life, which is important when traveling.

9. Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Typing while traveling can be an exasperating experience without the right accessories. Most times, your MacBook Pro keyboard might have one too many sticky keys. However, with the folding Bluetooth keyboard, you have nothing to worry about.

This accessory has a perfect ergonomic design to make your work easy. The Bluetooth functionality also makes it easy to shift your sitting position without moving your MacBook Pro. This gadget is among the MacBook Pro essential accessories you must have when traveling.

These MacBook Pro Essential Accessories Make Traveling Pure Bliss

Technology has made life much easier. Today you can work, read or even catch a movie on your MacBook Pro while traveling. However, your comfort and convenience when using your PC depend on having these nine unique accessories.

Are you wondering which MacBook Pro essential accessories you might need for your next trip? All these nine options will make your trip easy and fun. You can also troubleshoot any issue that might emerge when connecting either of these cool MacBook Pro accessories.

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