Are you a Mac enthusiast? Perhaps you’ve bought a brand new MacBook Pro 16-inch or maybe you plumped for the thin MacBook Air? Either way, MacBook Pro accessories are a great way to be more productive.

MacBook Pro Accessories for Professional

But if you’ve bought a new MacBook Pro what are the best MacBook Pro accessories that you can buy? Which ones are worth the money and which ones will you leave lying around for years to come?

Here’s everything you need to know about MacBook Pro accessories for traveler and whether you should get a MacBook Pro adapter. This means you need an adaptor to be able to do many basic tasks.

1. Hyperdrive

If a MacBook Pro is your first upgrade in a while then you might have realized a major change has taken place to some of the ports. Yes, there are now USB-C ports that you can use to attach most of your devices.

The reason behind USB-C is that it’s faster than other ports but also that it’s universal. Designed to eventually be used by all products, not just Apple products, and to be used in charging sockets as well, the future USB-C will be a convenience.

Unfortunately, the reality is that at the moment it can seem like a pain. That’s because it’s not backward compatible and most accessories don’t yet use USB-C.

2. Don’t Live in Dongle Land

HDMI, lightning display, SD slots, and even memory sticks, you will need a different adaptor for all of these. This could mean you living in dongle land. Imagine buying four or five different adaptors and having to carry them around with you? All of them flimsy and hanging out over the side of your beloved Mac.

What is The Solution?

The Hyperdrive gives you every port you could think of and even allows you to charge through the additional USB-C port it gives you.

The hyperdrive can also be slotted into the side of your Mac computer where it sits snugly and firmly. There are no dangling cables and this means you can keep the Hyperdrive plugged into your Mac at all times without having to worry about removing it and losing it.

3. Magic Mouse

Another great feature you want to consider purchasing is a magic mouse to use with your MacBook pro accessories . This is a mouse that is usually included with the iMac or Mac desktop computers.

It’s designed to make moving across your screen very easy and you can also take advantage of a number of shortcuts specific to the magic mouse.

It’s a Great Alternative

Although the trackpad can be great it can sometimes feel a little bit fiddly to use so a magic mouse is a great alternative.

You could buy a non-official mouse and attach it using Bluetooth but these mouses are often plastic and cheap. They don’t feel great in the palm of your hand and you can often find yourself having to replace them every few years or even every few months. I

Invest in a high-quality product by buying the magic mouse. This is one of the best MacBook Pro accessories.

4. External Hard Drive

Do you like to travel? If so you like to take a lot of photos of your adventures and you take a lot of flights. The entertainment on some flights is not always what it’s cracked up to be.

You might want to take your laptop or tablet with you so you can watch pre-downloaded movies. But you might be worried about the amount of space they are going to take up on your computer.

If you rely on Netflix or Amazon there’s also the added annoyance of region locking. Some films you want to download might not be available in your vacation destination of choice.

What is The Solution for this?

There is a handy solution to this and that’s to buy an external hard drive which you can fill full of great films and TV shows that you can plug in and use whenever it suits you. Portable hard drives can pack a lot of space.

There are many affordable options with over 1TB of space whereas a few years ago you would have paid a premium for anything over 500 GB.

When picking the best MacBook Pro case be sure to pick one with a side pocket so you have space for an external hard drive.

5. iPad Pro with Sidecar

This might sound more like another device than an accessory but at an increasingly affordable price, an iPad does offer a lot of value as an accessory.

The sidecar feature means you can now use your iPad as a secondary screen to your MacBook and can have documents that you can move seamlessly over.

This is great for tasks like graphic design and signing your signature. And you can do all of this without the need for a single wire. So long as both devices are connected to the same internet connection, it works fine.

Best Macbook Pro Accessories? There Are so Many to Choose From

This is the age of the Mac. Every year Apple’s products get better and better. And one of the things that make them so good is the entire ecosystem. They have been designed to work well with other products.

Accessories are a key part of your Mac experience therefore so make sure that you use yours wisely.

If you are interested in reading more about the best MacBook Pro accessories or MacBook Pro 15-inch case then be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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