If you’re a fan of technology, there’s no better time to be living than right now. Technology has come so far and forever changed your life for the better.

One such piece of technology that’s been at the forefront of this is the infamous Mac computer. It’s been reliable since the first model and has continuously added more features to help its users.

However, even the most advanced technological devices can experience setbacks. Some of these are more common than others and happen at the most inopportune moments.

Here is a list of common Mac computer problems and how to fix them, should you ever experience any on your laptop.

1. Data Deleted from Trash

If Your MacBook Wonโ€™t Switch On, These Tips Can Help

Anytime you delete a file from a Mac computer, you can be assured that it will be resting in your trash box in case you deleted it accidentally.

However, sometimes that file not only gets moved to the trash, it then gets deleted from there. If that happens to you, all hope may seem lost in ever recovering the said file again.

Fortunately, some genius out there created a data recovery software for the Mac which allows you to retrieve files deleted from the trash…there’s hope after all!

Simply purchase this software and it will be there for any data recovery needs you have.

2. Grey Startup Screen

If you asked 10 people what color the Mac startup screen is, you may get 9 “I don’t know’s” or 1 or 2 that tells you the correct color.

However, they can almost all tell you what color it’s not supposed to be when it happens to their Mac as they start it up…the dreaded grey screen.

There are a few things you can do to help it out. First off, disconnect anything you have plugged into it.

Second, try doing a safe boot by starting up your computer and holding down the shift key simultaneously. Keep the shift key down until the Apple logo vanishes from your screen.

3. Battery Draining Too Fast


You may notice that your computer’s battery isn’t holding up as well as it used to.

Many people may just knock this up to the computer getting older, but that’s not always the case.

There could be several different factors as to why this is happening but rest assured, there’s a way to fix it.

Turn the Mac off, then restart it by pressing the power button and holding down the shift key, control key, and option key in unison. If the problem persists, contact a local expert or AppleCare (if you have it) to find a solution.

4. The Rainbow Circle of Death

The unanimous sign for computer problems 101 has become Apple’s spinning rainbow ball of death.

It’s a sign that the computer is stalling and isn’t loading properly. Too much activity is more than likely the root of the problem.

You’ll probably have to kill some apps by opening the activity monitor (go to applications, then utilities) and canceling a few commands.

Remember that you can always force quit by holding the command key, option key and escape key at the same time. Try to see which app is taking up the most activity and shut it down if you don’t need it at the moment.

5. External Drive Not Being Recognized

Macbook Pro Accessories

If you’re trying to plug in an external drive, you may come across the drive not showing up on your Mac computer screen.

Some of the most likely scenarios include a faulty cable or the drive not being properly plugged in. Try rebooting the computer and seeing if it reregisters once the computer is restarted.

For more information on how to fix the external hard drive not showing up on Mac error, check out the attached link.

6. macOS Not Working up to Snuff

Possibly one of the most frustrating situations is when the macOS isn’t working properly. One thing to check is seeing if there’s a more recent version that needs to be installed.

If the problem keeps happening, then it may be advantageous for you to downgrade to a previous macOS version.

That may seem counterproductive to your problem, but sometimes it’s best to not mess with a good thing (which in this case is the previous macOS software)!

7. Vanishing Folders

Have you ever run into a problem where you spent 30 minutes frantically searching for a folder you can’t seem to find?

Unfortunately, downloading a new version of macOS may lead to a folder or file disappearing from your desktop.

Try combing through your trash and see if you find them there. If not, then give the “Recent items” menu a look-see. If you’re not having luck there either, then you may have to use the data recovery tool we mentioned earlier.

8. Display Screen Is Messed Up

You may feel like crying if one day your Mac screen goes from perfectly normal to several different distorted colors out of the blue (no pun intended).

Try resetting the PRAM/VRAM by turning on your Mac while holding down the command key, option key, P key, and R key all at once.

If it happens again after you tried that, then take it to your nearest Apple expert and see what they say. Delaying this could mean the end of your Mac computer.

Fix Your Mac Computer Problems with These Solutions

pc vs mac

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a good idea of how to solve the most common Mac computer problems.

If all else fails, find an Apple expert nearby that can help you sort through persisting problems with your device. You can also get insights fromย https://websitehowto.org/avira-vs-avast/ย and learn the best antivirus application to use against ransomware issues.

Be sure to read our other articles that pertain to helpful information like this topic and others just like it.

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