Everyone is trying to eat healthier, but that’s often easier said than done. The pandemic has made it harder to find the right products at all, much less ones that are reasonably priced.

That doesn’t even cover the other, non-2020 struggles people face when they try to eat well. Busy work schedules, family needs, and personal responsibilities can stand in the way of eating well.

Never fear. Instead of wading through pages and pages of irrelevant personal backstory in search of instructions, why not check out our list of quick low carb smoothie recipes?

1. Have Your Cake and Drink It, Too

One of the hardest things about healthy eating is the need to cut sugar from your diet. Even if you’re just reducing your sugar intake, finding a meal that meets your needs can seem impossible.

That’s where this vegan, low-carb Red Velvet Smoothie comes in. With its base of avocados and almond milk, this chocolate smoothie is just as smooth, thick, and rich as the cake it’s based on. It also incorporates beets to get that signature red color.

2. Blackberries, Hemp Seeds, and Coconut – Oh My!

For something a little more traditional, check out this super sweet but completely sugar-free smoothie. Superfoods like blackberries, hemp seeds, and coconut make it a wonderful addition to your diet.

Do you need an extra kick for your workout routine? The recipe calls for one scoop of vanilla-flavored protein powder. We recommend using iso protein powder to give your body the advantage it needs.

3. Spring Cleaning for Your Body

Green might not be the most delicious looking color, but we guarantee you’ll fall in love with the taste of this gorgeous smoothie. With a mixture of avocado, mint, and cilantro, this smoothie is soft, silky, and springy.

If you’re worried about the herbal flavors overwhelming you, just add a little more vanilla or almond milk than the recipe calls for. You won’t lose that brilliant color, but it will dull some of the flavor, and all without sacrificing calories.

4. Hop Onboard the Pumpkin Spice Train

Every year, a slew of brand new pumpkin spice recipes hits the shelves. This fall favorite flavor is especially popular for drinks, like lattes, teas, and—yes—smoothies.

This Chai Pumpkin Smoothie is packed full of healthy fats and spectacular spices. It even includes a sub-recipe to help you make that perfect pumpkin spice mix for anything else you’d like to spice up.

5. PB&K

No, we didn’t make a typo. This isn’t a peanut butter and jelly smoothie. It’s a Peanut Butter Keto Smoothie.

Peanut butter is one of the best ingredients you can incorporate into a low-carb diet, especially one that’s based on keto. Even the most manufactured jar of peanut butter contains more protein and fat than anything else, including sugars and other carbs.

Plus, this smoothie is absolutely delicious. From its nutty, chocolatey surface to its perfectly blended peanut butter insides, this one will have you forgetting how much you miss sugar in a matter of minutes.

6. Wild and Raspy

Raspberries are an underappreciated fruit, especially in the diet world. Like most berries, it has more carbs than fats or proteins, but it’s still significantly lower than other options in the produce section.

Don’t believe us? The official Atkins diet does. Check out their recipe for a Tropical Raspberry Smoothie.

This one is unique in that its base is equal parts coconut cream (not milk or oil) and tofu. Yes, tofu. Don’t let that scare you away, though—one of the best things about tofu is that it’s virtually tasteless. It takes on the flavor of whatever you pair it with.

In this case, that flavor will be rich, delicious raspberries.

7. Cinnamon Roll Replacement

We all love a hot, melty cinnamon roll for breakfast. Our diets, however, do not.

That doesn’t mean you have to completely sacrifice that ooey, gooey taste, though. This Liquid Cinnamon Roll Smoothie will gladly take Cinnabon’s place in your heart (and stomach). It isn’t warm or bready, but, with its vanilla-heavy base and a dash of actual cinnamon, it will get you pretty close to the amazing flavor of a fresh cinnamon roll.

8. Cool, Smooth, and Dark

Pumpkin spice season won’t last forever. Just around the corner lurks its Christmas cousin: peppermint.

If you want to get ahead of the curve, or you just prefer refreshing mintiness in your morning drinks, this Mint Chocolate Green Smoothie is for you.

Despite using actual mint candy pieces in the recipe, this one is just as much of a low-carb revelation as our other picks. Plus, it will leave you feeling cool and ready to tackle the upcoming winter with some pep(permint) in your step.

9. Cling to Summer

Fall and winter have the most popular seasonal flavors, but they aren’t alone. If you’re desperately hanging onto the taste of summer, you’ve got your own variety of flavors to pick from.

Two of the most popular summer treats are watermelon and lemonade. Why not combine them?

Well, this Watermelon Smoothie does just that. With its icy combo of lemons, limes, and watermelons, this drink feels more like a summer margarita than a morning smoothie.

The inventor of this smoothie understood the limitations of the produce section, so don’t worry if you can’t find actual watermelons or citrus fruits. While you can certainly switch those in come summertime, the recipe itself calls for fruit flavorings and extracts.

Low Carb Smoothie Recipes, Workout Tips, and Day-to-Day Hacks

If you’re looking for low carb smoothie recipes, odds are that you’re in the market for other healthy tips and tricks. We’re your virtual one-stop-shop. Don’t waste time scouring the internet for the best info—we’ve got everything you need.

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