The odds of winning the lottery are not in your favor. If you read that and think “so you’re telling me there’s a chance“, then you need a strategy to succeed.

It’s true that in some games you have a one in 292 million chance of taking home the top prize. But there are some tips and tricks that might shift the odds in your favor. Ready to claim your jackpot?

Here are seven lottery winning tips you can start using today

1. Play Your Lucky Numbers

You probably have a set of numbers that you consider lucky. If you like playing the lottery, you’ve probably used them in a game or two.

Using the “quick pick” randomly generated numbers is fine. Sticking to your favorite numbers is easier, however, and helps you remember to play every time.

2. Check Discarded Tickets

The best way to win the lottery isn’t always your way. Sometimes a person will misread their ticket and then throw it away.

If you come across a recently-discarded ticket, it doesn’t hurt to check it out. The payout might not be the full amount but you just might find treasure in someone else’s trash.

3. Join a Lottery Pool

There’s no reason for you to go it alone. There’s strength in numbers when it comes to the lottery, too.

Join a lottery pool to increase your odds without investing more money. The payout will be divided, but your chances of winning will be higher.

4. Think Small

Who doesn’t dream about what they would do after taking home a mega jackpot worth hundreds of millions of dollars? It might be that thinking smaller is the real trick to taking home some cash.

Do your research to find unpopular games with low engagement. The fewer people there are trying to win, the better your chances.

5. Earn a Second Chance

You played your favorite numbers, checked the lotto results, and you lost. Is that the end?

Not necessarily. Some lotteries offer second-chance drawings on tickets that didn’t win.

Check to see if your local lotto offers second-chance drawings. You might just take home a nice chunk of change!

6. Play the Right Games

Some games’ odds are better than others. For example, national lotteries have lower odds of winning because so many people play.

It takes some research, but you can find games with better odds. Make sure to include scratch-off games in your search.

7. Pay Attention and Double-Check

Would you walk away from $300,000? That’s what someone in Orange County, California did when they failed to claim their winning ticket.

Always double-check your numbers so you’re sure you didn’t misread your ticket. If you win, keep your ticket safe and sign the back of it in case it gets lost.

The Best Lottery Winning Tips

These lottery winning tips can give you an advantage when it comes to playing the lotto. Try out one or several of these tricks and see how much cash you go home with.

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