The median home price is going up across the country. While a lot of that rising value is due to general housing market appreciation in home improvement, a chunk of those prices come down to savvy homeowners getting their home improvement.

Not all house updates are created equal though and many updates straight-up cost you more than you’re liable to make when you go to resell your house later.

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Most Common Home Improvement Ideas

That truth is what inspired us to write this post! 

We’re going to outline a handful of home upgrades that are not only going to make your home improvement ideas that increase your home values and shine but will predictably make your home worth more.

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1. Bathroom Remodel for Home Improvement

People don’t usually think about this, but bathrooms are inherently gross places. They’re where you use the restroom, they’re where you wash all of the filth off of yourself after a long day…you get the picture.

Importance of Remodel

Anyway, the fact that bathrooms are inherently nasty is why people love their bathrooms to look beautiful. It kind of counterbalances things. So, it’s no surprise that getting your bathroom remodeled should be at the top of your list when getting your house updated if you’re interested in recouping your expenses.

Another thing that should be at the top of your list is finding ways to maximize the space in your house, such as by converting it into a loft. If you’re interested, simply search for loft conversions south london to explore your options!

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2. Sun Deck Addition for Increase Home Update

Sun decks are money in the bank no matter where your home is located.

If you live in a sunny area, decks are a great place for people to get outside and soak up the awesome weather. If you live in a place that’s only seasonally sunny, a sun deck is a great place for people to get the most out of the months where the weather is clear.

Variety of Sundeck

Either way, with a sundeck, you win! Also, they’re not that expensive to put in.

Checking out these Duradek installers is a good place to start and from there, you can discuss deck installation details with your local contracting expert!

3. Landscaping Investments

When your front yard looks like a tornado blew through it, people assume that the rest of your house, inside and out, embodies that same motif. That assumption does not help your home’s value.

Right Value of Landscaping

That’s why we always recommend that when you’re getting your house updated, you include on your to-do list giving your landscaping a little bit of TLC.

The added curb appeal that a good landscaping job will bring to your property will be worth its weight in gold when you get your house appraised later on.

4. Kitchen Modernization

Any room where families congregate together are rooms that are important to buyers. For most, the place where family get-together takes place is at the dinner table.

Feature of Modernization

Today, modern kitchens are a must for many buyers. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen a rising trend of home buyers that won’t even consider a house that doesn’t feature an island sink.

That bit of insight should scare you a bit if your kitchen is sporting the same 1950’s look it had when your house was initially built.

5. Additional Bedroom

Before you start hiring a contractor to add a room onto your house, allow us to clarify this point.

When we say that an additional bedroom is a good home update, we don’t mean adding one from scratch. We mean re-purposing a space into a bedroom.

Example of Bedroom

If you have an attic, insulating it and redoing the space to sell it as a “bedroom loft” rather than a glorified storage closet will do wonders for your home’s value.

6. Basement Re-purposing

Families are getting progressively minimalist and as such, don’t usually have the need for an infinite amount of storage space. With that, basements have largely become spaces that are more of a nuisance to buyers than a benefit.

Amount of Basement

If you can take your basement though and turn it into a theater, bar, or something else that’s unique, your basement could end up adding a tremendous amount of heft to your home’s price-tag when it comes time to sell later.

Our recommendation is to stray away from putting in pricey, niche installments in your basement like a bowling alley because that could increase your home appraisal value exclusively to specialty buyers.

7. New Flooring

Today, the rage in flooring is wood. While carpet still reigns supreme as far as the sheer volume of homes that feature it, whenever a home is being couched as “modern” to prospective buyers, wood floors are a must.

Fact for Flooring

If you’re looking to get your house updated so that it feels ahead of the curve when it comes to living trends, tear out that carpet and start laying in some panels. You can also try to revamp your floor by using bamboo type of flooring. It will be a great choice as it provides good quality and durability. You can try Ambients products for more options.

8. Smart Home Upgrades

Energy efficient lighting, Hue color-changing bulbs, Nest thermostats. All of those smart-home features are becoming increasingly important to millennial buyers and seeing as how millennials are going to be setting the pace for the housing market in the next few years, you’re going to want to do everything you can to impress them.

Not Tech-savvy Enough

To get your smart-home products installed? There are a number of YouTube tutorials available on the subject and a number of smart home gadgets come with excellent support teams that can step you through installation.

Our Final Thoughts on Getting Your House Updated

Getting your house updated not only brings more joy to your living situation but it also brings more heft to your home’s value when it comes time to sell. That is, of course, if you invest in the right updates.

With our suggestions above, we have no doubt that you’ll be able to put your money into features that matter in today’s market and will enjoy a great return on your investment in the future!

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