Did you know that termites cause billions of dollars in damages to different structures each year? That’s why it’s important to recognize signs of termites early.

Has your home experienced a termite invasion recently? Do you know the long-term impact termite damage can cause to your house?

The following guide will explain how termites in homes can cause a lot of issues over time if left untreated.

Structural Damage

Termite colonies

Termite colonies in your house can cause severe structural damage. They feed on inner structures such as posts, beams, and studs. Signs of pests like termites usually lead to an unsafe home over time in extreme cases.

Subterranean termites live in soil because it’s moist. The insects enter houses from the ground up. They usually enter through foundations and large colonies can actually make cracks in the foundation.

Formosan termites are a subspecies of subterranean termites that make their nests above ground. They cause damage inside walls and in attics where the wood contains enough moisture for them to live.

Homeowners typically notice the most physical damage in their bathrooms where moisture is prominent. Termites can loosen tiles, sag ceilings, and create holes in drywall. That’s why removing termites quickly in these areas is crucial.

You might also notice squeaky if your home has termites. That’s because hardwood floors cave to termite infestations and become weakened.

Termites that live inside walls feed on materials from the inside out. They make the walls hollow and weaken them over time which can lead to water damage. You might also notice bubbling paint if your home has termites.

Financial Damage

damages caused by termites

The damages caused by termites can add up fast and become very costly. The two main costs involve controlling the pests and repairing structures.

Professional termite control teams use their technology to eradicate insects. They often treat the soil surrounding your home with insecticides.

Homeowners often have to pay for the repair of studs and support beams. Other repairs include replacing flooring, repairing water damages, and repainting walls.

Foundation repair is the most costly result of a termite infestation. Keep in mind that you can prevent an all-out infestation if you detect and eliminate a termite colony early.

Health Hazards

Health Hazards

Termites can also cause many health risks in addition to physical and financial damage. While they’re not a direct danger to people, their existence in your home can produce negative health effects.

Always be careful if you come across a colony because some termite species can sting and bite. Fortunately, they’re not toxic even though they create painful wounds.

Some people even have allergic reactions to damage created by termites. Colonies churn up dust and wood particles as they move through your home. Then, it spreads into the air which can lead to allergies and asthma attacks.

Understanding Termite Damage

Now you know that termite damage can affect your home, wallet, and health. Remember the signs and consequences mentioned above to stop these pests from wreaking havoc.

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