If you have never rented a limo you might be intimidated about calling and asking. You might even be under the impression that limousine rental is out of your league or budget.

We are here to share more about how much is it to rent a limo and the factors that affect it.

Keep reading to learn more about renting limousine prices things to know before hiring a limo and how to plan for your future rental.

How Much is It to Rent a Limo?

The cost of your limousine rental will depend on several factors. It can vary between $70 to $150 per hour or around $400 to $900 for a night. Some of the factors that will vary include:

  • Type of limo
  • Area where you live
  • Day you need the limo
  • Time of day you rent the limo
  • How many hours you need it

Heres a breakdown of how each factor will affect your limo rental:

1. Type of Limo

Companies like California Dream Limousine charge by the limo type you choose. The more fab the ride the more you can expect to pay. The more a company pays for a luxury limo the more they have to charge to make back the money they invested and make a profit (after all they are in business to make money).

The smaller the vehicle such as a luxury sedan or a town car the hourly rate will be on the lower end of the spectrum. An SUV limo or a stretch limo will cost you more because it can fit a lot more people. Some can fit up to 40 people.

2. Area

If you live in a city like New York or Seattle, where the economy is higher and there is more traffic, you can expect to pay more. These are also cities that might have a higher demand because there are more events and more population, driving the price up.

3. Time

Limo rentals for vacation prices are higher in the evening times because this is when they are most wanted. Evening limo rentals will have a higher hourly rate and sometimes a higher number of minimum hours required.

4. Day of the Week

The demand for a limo is typically higher on a Friday or Saturday. If you opt for a day that is not as high of a demand then you can save a bit of money. Fridays and Saturdays also tend to have a minimum number of hours while a weekday or Sunday might not.

If you can be flexible on the day of the week you are renting, choose a day that is not in demand and watch the total price drop.

5. Hours Needed to get Packages

The longer you need it, the more you can expect to pay. Make sure to ask if they have any packages to help you save money. Some will offer an entire wedding package that includes a stocked bar, a certain number of hours, and some even include the gratuity to give you one less thing to worry about.

Keep in mind that most couples spend between $500-$1,100 renting a limo for their wedding night.

Ready for Your Next Limousine Rental?

Now that you know more about how much is it to rent a limoย  and limousine rental and the average cost of renting a limo, it is time to start planning. Make plans for your next special event and see how you can cut costs based on the factors we shared above.

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