One of the most refreshing trends in the cosmetics industry these days is the idea that less is more. It’s finally settling, and people are here for it. While for decades, beginning Botox in your mid-twenties was considered normal, these days, those in their twenties are opting to forego the treatments altogether with the “No-tox” movement. There are plenty of other areas of the beauty industry where people are embracing a more simplistic routine when it comes to looking and feeling their best. Whether you’re motivated by staying on trend or want to simplify your life, keep reading about some of the biggest “less is more” this year in beauty.

Heavy Makeup Ages You 


For years, many women will search for a foundation or tinted moisturizer that works for all their skin concerns, from not being too cakey, not settling in fine lines, or not causing oil overproduction. The truth is dramatic makeup ages you significantly. Like all other forms of body positivity, skin positivity is in, and embracing your skin texture, pore size, and an occasional breakout is no big deal. There are plenty of reasons to stop wearing makeup, but the fact that it ages you and, in many instances, can make your appearance worse is a big motivation.

Simplified Skincare 

For years now, we’ve had it reinforced the importance of curating the perfect morning and evening skincare rituals and heard influencers, celebrities, or well-meaning friends swear by their routines. In reality, most people only see results with those routines when they have the persistence to repeat them diligently day in and day out because there is no “one size fits all” approach to skincare or products that will work for everyone. People, instead, are now opting for simplified skincare and returning to the basics. A gentle cleanser and hydrated cream in the evening are all you need. You can add other things to target concerns like hyperpigmentation or melasma, but you’re better off keeping things simple at home and leaving the concerns to the professionals.

Professional Help 

Dermatologist appointment

Speaking of professionals, to keep with the less is more, seeing a dermatologist twice a year, which takes less than an hour out of your 365 days, can do more for your skin than hours of youtube tutorials, TikTok videos, and product sampling and trying. If you don’t have a dermatologist, book an appointment to learn about your skin type and concerns and address them. The topical or, in some cases, oral medications they can prescribe will simplify your life and up your beauty tremendously. You can also seek out other professionals like estheticians for quarterly facials to keep your complexion especially glowing.

Simple Scents 

The fragrance is one of the most important beauty items you can put on daily. They boost your mood, convey confidence and make you more attractive to those with whom you interact. You can forgo makeup altogether, and the spritz of the right fruity perfume or musky fragrance will drive others wild with attraction. This year, fruit or citrus scents are trending, but if your go-to is a woodsier or ozonic scent, stick with it. The important thing is recognizing the power of something invisible and how crucial it is to your beauty regimen.

Natural Beauty is the Best

Fall skin care

The world is changing in so many ways, both good and bad, but it’s always better to focus on the positive. One of the best things in the fashion and beauty industry these days is the celebration of all types of beauty. Natural beauty will always be the most beautiful, and it’s something that can’t be replicated. So, one trend everyone needs to be embracing is that of self-love. Learning to appreciate the natural things you already possess that set you apart from the crowd is essential for your beauty routine and mental health. You are gorgeous; own it!

This Year in Beauty: Embracing a More Effortless Look

Living an intentional and meaningful life has been shown to lead to healthier metabolic function, higher self-esteem, and even living longer – who doesn’t want all that? By simplifying your beauty routine and keeping the above-mentioned in mind, you’re well on your way to being the best and most beautiful version of yourself.

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