As The Florida Independent’s Travis Pillow noted this morning, The New Yorker is reporting that Sen. George LeMiuex, R-Fla., initially expressed a desire to join fellow Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., John Kerry, D-Mass., and Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., in the trio’s effort to craft a cap-and-trade bill. (An effort that eventually failed.)

George LeMiuex Says About New York

The author of the New Yorker piece, Ryan Lizza, writes that “primary politics” ended any chance of LeMieux joining Graham, Kerry, and Lieberman:

[LeMieux] had been appointed by the Florida governor, Charlie Crist, who was then running in a tight Republican primary for the seat against another Tea Party favorite, Marco Rubio. LeMieux couldn’t do anything that would complicate Crist’s life.

LeMiuex is now denying he ever considered supporting cap-and-trade, calling Lizza’s piece “wrong” via Twitter:

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NewYorker piece is wrong. Care about energy indep, but never favored cap & tax– would cost Florida familes 30% ^ in energy costs.

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