Here’s a question that every property owner, business owner, government agency, and school district should ask, if the folks in charge haven’t started down this path yet: “Are LED fixtures suitable for outdoor use?”

Urging these individuals to ask the question might be the best way to inspire people to change their way of thinking, and to begin investing in energy-efficient outdoor lamps that will save them a lot of money in the long term.

To answer the question before digging into the details, “Yes, LED fixtures are definitely suitable for outdoor use.” You can select from an array of lamp designs, all of which will perform well outdoors, even in the harshest weather conditions. This will be extremely important as the hours of daylight decrease and the weather gradually cools. When it’s time to install or upgrade your exterior lighting, for parking areas, patios, walkways, and so on, you’ll be making a wise decision with LED outdoor lamps.

Versatile, Durable

Many of the people in position to make purchase decisions have chosen LED technology as a replacement for classic incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, with remarkable results. They benefit from the outstanding life of this lighting, up to 50,000 hours in some settings. The money saved on bulb replacement alone makes this a good business decision, savings that include greatly reduced maintenance costs for putting new bulbs in old fixtures.

Many customers find they are enhancing the appearance of their property, along with improving illumination. The various types and decorative styles of LED outdoor lamps are a welcome change from the spare, industrial look of traditional lighting. Of course, it’s also possible to take your lighting to the next level with solar-powered lights, saving you even more in energy costs and time.

You might want to learn more about LED street lights, for example, the right choice for parking areas, roadways, and the streets in your community. These outdoor lamps deliver a large pool of light thanks to their unique design. If you’re part of an organization that plans to upgrade outdoor lighting, consider LED fixtures that perform well in harsh environments and can be surface mounted to provide security and safety near your buildings.

Convenient Control

For the ultimate in convenience and stress-free control, try the dusk-to-dawn design, with built-in capability for photo-cell use. It’s a great way to save on energy costs and will provide dependable illumination for homeowners, for parking lots, storage areas, service roads on commercial/industrial property, and much more. These outdoor lamps are designed to be used in outdoor settings, and come with a five-year warranty standard. Best of all, the dusk-to-dawn fixture has a 100,000-hour rated life.

These are just two of the many designs available using LED technology. The selection is outstanding, giving customers more options than with traditional incandescent fixtures. If you’re concerned about choosing the correct outdoor lamps for your needs, you’re urged to call and talk to a representative to get honest, accurate advice and guidance. Be sure to devote plenty of time to browsing the extensive inventory online, where you’ll find plenty of helpful information as well.

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