Do you ever see your friends or family members practicing self-love and wonder what their secret is?

Just because you have a hectic lifestyle doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find the time to give yourself some love, too. Not sure where to start, what their secrets are, or how you can start learning to love yourself? We have the answer.

Read three secrets to self-love to get your mind, body, and soul on a better track for the start of a new year. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Treat Yourself as You Treat Others

When you were a child, you probably heard the term, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” Years later, it’s secret #1 on how to love yourself, except a bit reversed.

These days, we seem to treat others with more respect and kindness than we do ourselves. The few times we do treat ourselves kindly or give in to temptation, we feel it’s selfish behavior or that we didn’t deserve it.

Start loving yourself by treating yourself the same way you’d treat friends, family, or even complete strangers. Stop feeling guilty about having that second cupcake and congratulate yourself on the small victories.

Above all, make sure to acknowledge your own feelings. It’s okay to emphasize and sympathize with yourself when you had a less-than-stellar day. If you have trouble with this, think about how you’d respond to a friend in the same situation.

2. Acceptance of Yourself

To love yourself, you must first accept yourself. To do this, you must stop comparing yourself to others.

Whether it revolves around your career or school work, how others do should not affect how you feel about your own successes and milestones. Many times, accepting oneself is often harder to do due to expectations, flaws, and events or instancesย that you cannot change.

Begin by accepting your imperfections and things you know you can’t change. By letting go of these things and accepting life as it is or changing what makes you unhappy, you’re giving yourself the peace and love your body and mind deserve.

3. Find Daily Gratitude

Oftentimes, we look back on a specific day or week and only find things which inconvenienced us or made us unhappy. Fill your life with more gratitude and you’ll learn to love yourself and your life more.

Keep a journal in which you write one thing you were grateful for that day. By the end of the week or even the year, you’ll see so many positive and wonderful things you encountered or accomplished. It’ll be hard not to feel grateful.

Secrets in Learning to Love Yourself

There’s no one specific trick or secret to learning to love yourself. But, you can take the tips we gave you above and start practicing self-love. Soon you’ll feel more grateful, happy, and peaceful with your life.

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