Living in Florida certainly has a lot of perks. Consistently warm weather combined with access to gorgeous beaches and great cuisine almost makes you feel like all the economic opportunities and statewide attractions are just icing on the cake.

Life’s not perfect here though, as there is that lingering annual threat of a hurricane making landfall here. Even home and business owners who are heavily insured can wind up suffering greatly from hurricane damage. That’s why it’s crucial to take every precaution that you can.

Let’s know why you should repair that old garage door or say good riddance from here.

Hurricane Rated Garage Door in Florida

One precaution you might want to take is having a garage door rated for hurricanes, as that can certainly give you some peace of mind when the storm months show up on your calendar.

Having said that, hurricane-rated garage doors are actually useful in every season, considering how strong and reliable they are.

Check Local Wind Code Requirement In Your City

In fact, depending on where you live, hurricane-resistant doors might be mandatory. That’s certainly the case for portions of St Petersburg and Tampa counties, where many homes are designated as being inside high-velocity hurricane zones.

Also, while there’s some upfront cost involved with such garage doors, you might just find savings down the road. That’s not only in terms of damage that is prevented, but also possibly in terms of insurance discounts. Check your local garage door company and see if your doors are up to code.

If you’re worried about detracting from your home’s appearance while boosting its hurricane protection, rest assured that this isn’t a problem. Even hurricane-rated and wind-resistant garage doors that meet local and state standards still come in a variety of appealing options you can use to match your home’s exterior decor. You won’t hurt your home’s curb appeal at all with one of these doors.

How to adjust garage door height in fifteen minutes.

Know the June Marks the Start of Hurricane Season

If you already live here, you know that June marks the start of hurricane season, and even storm fronts that aren’t designated as hurricanes can still be tropical storms or just severe weather. All of that carries multiple threats to your home or business might face.

Windblown debris can batter the outsides of homes and buildings, and heavy rains can shift normal garage doors off their tracks. Hurricane-rated garage doors stand up to both of these threats, as well as being reinforced so they can stand up to sudden pressure changes in the atmosphere.

Get the Commercial Warehouse Facilities

Hurricane rated garage doors don’t just come in residential options or sizes either. Commercial and even industrial/warehouse facilities also need them, which is why garage doors ready for stormy weather come in those sizes and shapes too. You can protect your family, home, and possessions, or your employees and inventory, depending on what you need.

Don’t wait for a storm to hit to accept the truth that you need hurricane-rated garage doors for your home or business. By then it’s too late, and on top of losing everything inside, you might also wind up seeing insurance claims denied and fines from your local government.

Act now to have something installed, because waiting for June might be too late. Fortunately, having a consultation or assessment of your needs and options is usually free from most garage door installation service providers.

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