In 2017, a survey found that 73% of men felt inappropriately dressed for an event. Fast forward to today, and we’ll bet many guys are still clueless about what to wear!

We understand that comfortable clothes are a must, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should live in your sweatpants. In fact, there are many pieces in casual fashion that not only make you look great but also keep you comfy!

So ditch those ratty garments. Keep reading if you want to find out the best fashion tips for men.

Pick the Right Colors

Proper Fit

In general, you should steer clear of bold colors, unless you already wear them.

Neutral colors are the best because you can mix and match all throughout the year. Plus, they’re timeless, so you won’t have to keep replacing pieces.

Get a Proper Fit

Whether it’s tight or loose clothes, don’t follow the current trends. Always go for properly fitting garments, as there are many benefits to this.

Firstly, you’ll feel comfortable without wearing baggy clothes that look sloppy. Also, these pieces will never go out of fashion. Lastly, you’ll emphasize all the best parts of your figure, which will help you look and feel confident.

Keep It Simple

Simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring. In fact, it gives you more possibilities for fresh and exciting outfits!

Keep It Simple

For instance, you can have several basic tees and cardigans. You can then switch up the combinations of colors, styles, and prints. Add in accessories like necklaces, earrings, rings, hats, sunglasses, and scarves, and you’ll have sharp outfits to show off all year long.

Just make sure that while you’re buying basic garments, you’re not going cheap. Spending a little more on your clothes means they’ll last longer!

Incorporate Sportswear

Sportswear is fantastic for men’s fashion; it’s comfortable, stylish, and can double as workout pieces in some cases. Plus, you can show your love for your favorite teams!

For example,Β throwback football jerseysΒ go well with dark jeans and a clean pair of sneakers. Or if it’s hot, wear smart shorts and a snapback for the ultimate casual look.

Don’t Forget About Your Shoes


The shoes you wear can make or break an outfit. So invest some good money into high-quality footwear.

Have a few pairs of casual shoes and maybe one or two pairs of dress shoes. Ensure that they match your skin tone and the outfits you’ve planned above.

Use These Fashion Tips and Look Sharp

With these fashion tips, you’ll go from zero to hero in the blink of an eye. You can join the ranks of stylish men if you take our fashion advice, which isn’t hard to implement at all.

It can be tough to say goodbye to your old pieces, and you may need to spend a little money refilling your wardrobe. But it’ll definitely be worth it!

For moreΒ fashion advice, or hairstyles browse the rest of our blog page for more articles.

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