About 65% of businesses say their biggest marketing challenges include generating website traffic and leads. Without leads, you could struggle to grow your business. Your competitors might have an easier time engaging those customers instead.

Meanwhile, about 80% of new leads never become sales. About 96% of people who visit your website aren’t ready to buy, either.

With these six lead generation hacks, you can set your business up for success.

You can attract more website visitors, keep them engaged, then convert them into a lead.

Discover how to grow your business with ease! Improve your lead generation strategy with these tips today.

1. Update Your Website


About two out of three people prefer looking at beautiful content. In fact, design has a major influence on your credibility. Unfortunately, issues with your site could impact your lead generation strategy.

For example, 88% of people won’t return to a website after a bad experience. People take only 15 seconds to decide about a purchase, too. About 80% of people stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their devices.

If you want to start using these lead generation hacks, work on updating your website first.

Run your site through tools like Google’s:

  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Mobile-Friendly Test

First, make sure your pages load quickly. If there’s a lag, people might leave. You’ll never get the chance to use these lead generation secrets if that happens.

Google’s Core Web Vitals featured user-centric factors. Make sure your site is designed with the user experience in mind. A positive user experience will keep people on the page.

Otherwise, they might leave feeling frustrated. Your bounce rate could rise, hurting your search engine rankings. You could struggle to reach customers in the future if your rankings drop.

Make sure your site is mobile-optimized, too. Otherwise, consumers on smaller screens will struggle to use your site.


Create dedicated landing pages for each campaign. A dedicated landing page will keep users focused on a single offer. You might have an easier time pushing them to convert on the page.

Make sure your call to action button stands out. Use contrasting buttons between your buttons and backgrounds. Otherwise, the call to action button might fade into the background.

You could miss a chance at a conversion.

The elements of an effective landing page include:

  • A compelling headline
  • An informative subheading
  • A brief description of the offer
  • At least one eye-catching image
  • A form to capture leads

Don’t go overboard with the design. Instead, keep people focused on your offer.

Consider removing the main navigation bar. Once someone visits the page, you’ll want to keep them there. Additional links might distract visitors.

Instead, remove the navigation bar to keep them focused on converting.

Make sure to match your messaging between the headline and call to action. Keep each visitor focused on completing a single action. For example, maybe you want them to contact you by filling out a form.

When creating landing pages, focus on minimalism. Less is more. Otherwise, a cluttered page could distract visitors.

Make sure to emphasize the benefits you’re offering them, too.

Take a look at your form. Make sure it’s short and to the point. A long form might frustrate users.

You can use A/B testing to make more informed decisions regarding your lasting pages.

2. Consider Scarcity

When supply is limited, demand tends to go up. You can use the element of scarcity to generate more leads and sales.

People want something more when there isn’t enough for everyone. Scarcity can create a fear of shortage. You can leverage the fear of missing out to create a sense of urgency.

For example, you can create a limited-time offer. Consumers will want to grab at the deal before it’s gone.

Consider highlighting that your product is available in a limited quantity or supply, too. Make your product look unique and exclusive. People will want to make a purchase before it’s no longer available.

3. Use the Bandwagon Effect

leadership tips

People want to copy others, even without realizing it. We want to join social communities and tribes. If one member of our social circle is doing something, we want to follow suit.

You can make an offer more valuable by leveraging this feeling.

Show customers that other consumers already love your product. For example, you can post user-generated content to show people already enjoying your offerings.

Mention the number of people who have purchased or signed up, too.

4. Create Different Offers

Not every consumer is ready to contact you directly. As you use these lead generation hacks, keep the buyer’s journey in mind. Add different offers for each stage of the journey.

For example, some customers want to learn more about your product or service. You can educate buyers with informational content. Consider providing them with an ebook or guide.

Once they learn more about your product, they might feel more inclined to convert into a lead.

5. Use High-Value Lead Magnets

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Not all offers are equal. Consider creating multiple lead magnets on your website. Offer a helpful piece of content in exchange for someone’s email.

For example, you can offer:

  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Templates
  • Presentations
  • Reports and research
  • Demo requests
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Kits

Content marketing can help you educate and engage consumers. You can generate leads through your content. Then, follow up with the leads you generate to turn them into paying customers.

You can also hire a lead generation specialist to get started.

6. Consider Your Copy

As you start using these lead generation secrets, take the time to review your copywriting.

Use a persuasive, engaging call to action. Make sure the language is captivating. Otherwise, you might lose customers and the chance at sales.

Strong call to action language will help you generate more leads.

Consider where you’re placing the call to action button, too. Try placing it above the fold. Don’t forget to use an eye-catching color.

Boost Business: 6 Lead Generation Hacks for Lasting Success

Don’t miss a chance to grow your business this year. Instead, give these six lead generation hacks a try. With these tips, you can set your business up for growth and success.

Get ahead of the competition with these tips today.

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