Did you know that about 75% of adults use some form of vision correction, whether glasses or contacts? The majority, however, wear glasses—about 64%. Over half of women wear glasses, and about 42% of men do, too.

With three-quarters of the population wearing spectacles, it’s a given that popular eyeglass frames are a priority among designers and fashion lovers.

A modern eyeglass style is just as important to a look as shoes or a statement jacket. It can convey anything from professionalism to creativity.

Which style is right for you? Are you a mild-mannered librarian type? A bold, professional powerhouse? Or an eccentric trend starter?

Whatever your preference, there’s a frame for you.

Here, we highlight some of the more recent popular styles. So, put on your current set of specs and take a look at what’s happening in the world of eyeglasses.

1. The Trusty Transparent Frames

One thing you’ll notice when perusing the most popular eyeglass frames is that many of them are transparent.

This look is appearing everywhere—bags, shoes, phone cases—and now it’s making its way to our eyeglasses.

Every eyewear maker is taking a bite out of this trend, from Zenni Optical to Warby Parker to Ray-Ban and Gucci.

One big reason clear frames are making a name for themselves is because of how easy they are to style. This shade goes with any complexion, outfit, and face shape, unlike some of the more bold options.

Additionally, eyeglass wearers can go big with their frames, as the clear coating won’t overwhelm their face like darker frames.

2. Keep It Classic With Vintage Cat-Eye

Vintage frames have proven to never go out of style, and cat-eyes are a timeless option.

Cat-eyes are pointed in the outermost corners, producing a sharp, stylish look. A cat eye can go from the mild to the extreme, and the shape of the lens can be small or large.

Cat-eyes come in a range of geometric shapes, making them accessible for all face shapes. They can stay small and fierce or go big and bold, depending on your style.

3. Go Bold With Thick-Cut Squares

Square glasses are another ideal option—and you can make even more of an impact by ensuring your glasses are thick-cut. Make them even bolder by choosing a dark hue, such as black or deep brown.

Square glasses look great with rounder faces, as the bold, angular lines complement the smooth features.

When it’s time for you to get a new eyeglass prescription and update your look, consider this bold frame.

4. Round It out

Round glasses are a huge trend in eyewear!

This style is perfect for those with a more square-shaped face, as it smooths out hard angles. Rounder, thinner frames that sit fully on the face are the ideal harmonious look over angular cheekbones and jawlines. Round frames promote a much sought-after balance.

Round eyeglasses are everywhere, and they’re trendy, too. You don’t have to look like Harry Potter or John Lennon to make these work for you—although, those two were style icons in their own right!

Round glasses look smart, stylish, and sharper than their curves allude.

5. Hit ‘Em With the Serious Browline

Browline glasses are a staple in the eyewear industry.

They first made their way into the eyeglass world in the 1940s and then peaked in popularity in the 50s and 60s. Since then, they’ve remained a go-to style and are now sneaking their way onto the faces of celebrities.

The term ‘browline’ means that the upper part of the frames is emphasized, like your brows, and the lower part of the frames is more understated. The top of the frames is commonly made from a thicker acetate or plastic, and the bottom is usually wrapped with a thinner wireframe. This draws attention to the wearer’s natural browline.

Because of the bold nature of the browline look, these glasses are perfect for anyone working in a professional industry, like business or law. They’re known for being a bit more formal than other styles.

However, anyone can get away with wearing the browline style—as this retrofit has proven since the 40s!

6. Make a Statement in Oversized Frames

Many people like to stick with a frame that’s fitting for their face—hitting the browline and sitting right above the cheekbones.

But if you’re not like everyone, you may want to go for something more statement-making like an oversized fit.

Oversized frames are fresh and cheeky and fit a variety of face shapes. They can be serious and cool if you want them to be, or sweet and creative, depending on the rest of your attire.

7. Get Geeky With It

You may have noticed a trend on your Instagram feed—young twenty- and thirty-somethings wearing hipster-Esque, geeky eyeglasses that someone like your grandpa may have worn. They’re thin and wire-rimmed with huge frames.

But somehow, they may the look seem, well, cool.

If you’re prepared to be a trend-starter, consider this geeky look that’s all the rage right now. And do it quickly, before the fad dies.

Of course, you can stick with contemporary oversized frames and make just as much of an impact. But unlike these geeky glasses, you’ll have a more timeless option you won’t be tired of in two weeks.

If you do want to try this trend, but you’re scared of spending a bunch of money, consider the many affordable eyewear brands out there and save the big bucks for Ray-Bans and the like.

Are you ready to invest in a new pair of specs?

If so, this list of frames should help you narrow down the many options. Keep in mind, however, there are more popular eyeglass frames where these came from. This list is certainly not exhaustive!

We hope we helped you find your style. We’ve got more advice where this came from, too.

Keep scrolling our page to see what other exciting things you can learn!

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