Kratom use is the new trend rising above most drugs in the world today. Loved for its therapeutic benefits, many users claim it’s something worth their bucks of money. But how is it ingested? How does it get into your body system?

Smoking and chewing the leaves are the most common methods. Some prefer mixing the powder in juice, yogurt, or making tea out of the kratom powder. Yes, we are all different, and so are our preferences.

With the above methods, others dislike the taste and odor, but they crave the sweet side effects. So, here is where kratom capsules come in to allay these shortcomings.Β  The kratom capsules are not a thing way out of this world. They are close to the pharmacy capsules; the primary difference is the substance within the capsules.

For kratom capsules, they contain kratom powder in a precisely-measured dose enclosed with the gelatin-made capsules. The dose ranges from a minimum of 0.5 grams. Sometimes frequent purchases may overwhelm your pockets. Saving yourself, they are a DIY product. You can make them at the comfort and pleasure of your home.

In this article, the main focus is on the pros and cons of kratom capsules- to what extremes are they good and useful. On the other hand, we get to know the detriments too.KRATOM CAPSULES

Pros of using kratom capsules

1. No bitter taste

Looking at user experiences all over the internet, most hate kratom for its bitter taste, and some go to the extent of describing it as awful, pungent, and unpalatable. Thus, the better they mix kratom in juice or make a beverage out of it to dilute the bitterness.

Kratom capsules are the best solution. Taking in this form disconnects contact between kratom and your taste buds, you will not experience the disgusting taste at all. Sorting your taste issues is that simple.

2. Swallowing the capsules is much easier.

Taking kratom powder on its own can be a hassle because of the bitterness. As much as people are finding it hard to swallow pills, kratom is easier to be consumed when in the form of capsules than kratom powder only. In fact, with just a pint of water, the capsule gets into the system real quick.

Kratom powder also easily gets stuck in your throat, which means the bitterness lasts for a longer time. If encased in capsules, you will have a bliss taking it.

3. Portable and easy to carry around

Rather than carrying kratom powder everywhere with you, it is more convenient with kratom capsules. Kratom powder brings about challenges in moving around with it, especially for hikers, drivers, or travelers.

It is likely to leak if not in the appropriate carrier bag, plus the ease of use at any time of the day is close to impossibility. Most users find it difficult to measure accurately and use it immediately. Avoid these hurdles by having kratom capsules with you while you are mobile.

4. Kratom capsules contain precise pre-measured dosages.

For kratom powder, you need the right dosage to experience the best effects. If the dosage is not precise, maybe too much or too little, the aftermath will not be the way you want it to be. And with the vice versa, if the accurately measured dosage hits the right spot, you will use it repeatedly in the future.

What matters more is whether the full dosage makes it into your body. You may measure precise amounts and mix with juice or make tea out of it, but not all of it dissolves, and the insoluble powder remains in the cup when drinking. Using kratom capsules, there is the surety that the whole dosage gets consumed without leaving any leftovers.

5. Taking it saves you time.

Kratom prepping is very time-consuming since it involves proper measuring and mixing with the drink of your choice. For instance, making kratom tea requires you to consider the time taken for boiling the water and tea to simmer. It may take 10-20 minutes for a complete process of preparation.

On the contrary, kratom capsules, in most cases, are readily available. All you need to do is simply count the right number of capsules that work for you, swallow and take with some gulps of water.

Cons of Kratom Capsules

1. Its availability is limited

Unlike kratom powder, kratom capsules cannot be found in just any shop. It is easier to get kratom powder from any vendor of your preference, but not all kratom vendors sell the kratom capsules.

Away from vendors, we all know that kratom exists in different strains, but not all strains are available in the form of capsules. You can lack your favorite strain vended in capsules, which forces you to opt for another strain or stick to using kratom powder only.

2. Kratom capsules are a bit more pricey

Compared to kratom powder, kratom capsules are slightly more expensive. This is justified because of the high charges that come with its manufacture. It is not only the proper packaging needed but also the costs of the empty capsules and the kratom powder for filling the capsules.

The added costs of capsules give it a higher price than the kratom powder. Therefore, buy capsules if it is still within your set budget

3. May cause stomach upset

This happens in cases where someone consumes large doses. Taking large doses, in turn, means taking in many capsules too. Kratom capsules are made of gelatin. The heavy amount of gelatin is what irritates your stomach. It absorbs water and expands, which may result in bloating, crumps, or reactive to people allergic to gelatin.

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