Korea stands at the forefront of the beauty industry and have become popular across the nation. Other countries are constantly following the Korean beauty trends. And some of them have already made their way to the hearts of people such as sleep masks, cushion foundation, glass skin, etc. Innisfree in Korea is one of the biggest K-beauty brands that offers a wide range of skincare products that have become popular around the world and follow the current trends.

1. Clean Beauty

While clean beauty is not entirely a new trend, it is gaining a massive movement. Korean skincare brands are increasingly focusing on creating products without substances such as PEG, paraben, artificial fragrance, silicone, artificial colorant, etc.Β  Additionally, brands are also trying to create skincare products for people who have extremely sensitive skin. These products will not on containing an ingredient that might irritate the skin. A majority of K-beauty brands have already become cult-free, and now they are focusing on vegan-friendly ingredients.

2. Ginseng

K-beauty brands focus on active ingredients and benefits it provides the skin. They have introduced us with unconventional skincare ingredients, including white truffle, bee venom, snail, mucin, propolis, cica, etc. In 2020, the Korean beauty brand will see extensive use of Ginseng. It is a herbal ingredient native to China and Korea. It promotes the production of collagen and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also known to boost the cell regeneration process, brighten skin complexion, and combat with free radicals.

3.Β  Skip-Care

The skincare approach involves a focus on minimalistic skincare routine. Although the infamous 10-step skincare routine is quite relevant, it is not entirely essential to follow every ten steps. The core of your skincare routine should be to listen and understand the needs of your skin and customize your routine to cater to those requirements. With people being more knowledgeable about their skincare, this trend is becoming quite popular. If you have extensive skincare needs, then you need to focus on more steps. And if you have some specific needs, then center your skincare around those needs.

4. Cream Skin

The last couple of years, dewy, glow, and radiant skin that exuded a mirror-like shine was popular, this was known as glass skin, in 2020, Korean skincare will focus more on Cream skin. This type of skin involves focusing more on layering your skin with serum, hydrating essences, and moisturizers. It has become a product, texture, and look. In Korean beauty, essences and toners are considered as skin. Therefore these versatile products prep the skin similar to toner while hydrating it like a moisturizer. This trend is driven by skip care and paved the way for minimalistic skincare routine.

There you have it some of the best Korean trends to focus in the year 2020.Β  Before following any skincare routine, ensure that it caters to your skin requirements and will be able to provide the desired results.

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