Fifteen percent of people who drink go on to become alcohol dependent.

If you’re afraid you’re becoming an alcoholic, you’re not alone.

There are steps you can take to recover from alcohol addiction, but you need to know what the signs are first.

Read on to discover some irrefutable signs you’re an alcoholic.

1. You Get Drunk By Yourself

One of the early signs of alcoholism is choosing to drink alone.

If you’re drinking habits have crossed the line from social drinking and drinking on special occasions to getting drunk out of boredom, you might be an alcoholic.

Drinking to celebrate a holiday is acceptable, but drinking to get drunk on a Tuesday evening because you’re bored is a sign of alcoholism.

Another behavior of alcoholics is drinking alone to hide the fact that they’re consuming alcohol and might have an addiction. 

2. You Suffer From Frequent Blackouts

When drunk in a short amount of time, large quantities of alcohol can give you short term amnesia, known as blackouts. If you frequently have trouble recalling events from the night before, you may be suffering from alcoholism.

3. You Use Alcohol to Cope

If you believe that alcohol gets you through the day or at least allows you to forget the hardships that are stressing you out, you might have a drinking problem.

When you’re drinking your problems away, you’re not really facing them and they will go unresolved, thus leading you to drink more. Alcohol isn’t solving your problems; it’s putting them off until later.

4. Your Friends Are Worried

You can tell you’re an alcoholic if your friend who’s usually down for a drink suggests doing something different. If they go as far as to comment on your heavy drinking, you definitely have to think about your excessive drinking.

If your friends are worried, you can ask them to support you through treatment and take them up on their offers to do things that don’t involve drinking.

However, if your friends won’t be a good support system, you can find an alcohol rehab center near you.

5. You Become Irritable

One of the physical signs of alcoholism is becoming agitated when you don’t have access to alcohol.

This irritability can also lead to strained relationships, both personal and professional. You might begin to notice yourself withdrawing from relationships and performing poorly at work.

Sober living can improve these relationships and reduce stress.

Knowing the Signs You’re An Alcoholic Can Lead to Solutions

There are many warning signs you’re an alcoholic. If some of these sound like you, you might be addicted to alcohol. There are a lot of things you can do to address the problem of alcoholism.

Getting a sponsor, finding other activities to be involved in, and even journaling can all help you recover from alcoholism.

Staying sober after detox won’t be easy and you’ll need a support system, so whether it’s talking to your friends and family or attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or doing an alcohol detox at home with the support of family members, having people you can depend on will help you stay sober.

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