Accidents can lead to significant amounts of distress and trauma. If you have suffered a severe personal injury due to the carelessness of another person, you may be feeling stressed due to piling medical bills and being unable to work. This is why filing a personal injury lawsuit is important for the seriously injured. Below are seven key things to understand before you file your claim.

Things to remember before filing a personal injury claim

1. Personal injury claims are meant to protect you

After an injury, you have a lot to deal with. This includes emotional stress, mounting medical bills, and disruption of your everyday activities. Personal injury lawsuits are meant to safeguard your financial future by allowing you to be compensated for losses caused by your injury. A good attorney can help you receive appropriate compensation through a settlement with the opposing party and/or their insurance company.

Personal injury claims are meant to protect you

2. People who retain a lawyer recover more

Previous studies have shown that people who hire a lawyer after a car accident are able to recover up to three times the compensation amount as those who don’t. The car injury lawyers at Benenati Law Firm offer free consultations, as do many other attorneys. Thus, it’s almost always best to retain a lawyer. They will understand how to assess claims and help to negotiate a favorable settlement. If the defendant party does not want to negotiate, they can present your case in the strongest light in front of the jury.

3. The sooner you call an attorney, the better it is

Attorneys can prevent you from making big mistakes such as revealing too much information or failing to appropriately document your injuries. They can also guide you through the complex claim filing procedure. If you have an attorney from the beginning of the claim process, your likelihood of making irreversible errors is significantly reduced.

The sooner you call an attorney, the better it is

4. Do not sign anything before you consult your attorney

Often, the insurance representatives of the defendant party will try to convince you to agree to a settlement. But remember, these professionals seldom have your best interests in mind. They will try to negotiate a compensation amount which is far less what you are actually entitled to. So, it is advisable to not sign or agree to anything before consulting with your personal injury attorney.

5. Establishing negligence is paramount

It is important to clearly demonstrate that your injury was the result of the negligence of the other party. If the other party is held liable for your injuries, they will have to compensate for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and even diminished earning capacity.

6. Personal injury cases can be time-consuming

Personal injury cases are quite complex. Consequently, it may take several weeks or months to reach a settlement. To make matters worse, insurance companies may try to even prolong the case, hoping that the victim will settle for an undervalued offer. It is important to keep patience and work with a good attorney who can help to expedite the matters.

Personal injury cases can be time-consuming

7. You have limited time to file a lawsuit

Every state has a different statute of limitations. You must find out the timeframe for filing a personal injury claim in your state so that you do not miss the deadline.

These simple things can help you file a personal injury lawsuit and maximize your chances of getting the appropriate compensation that your case deserves.

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