Jordan Harbinger is an individual podcast. He was a former lawyer on Wall Street and now runs one of the most listened to podcasts.

Among the world of podcasts, there is one that really stands out. It is a show hosted by a unique individual.

This is the fascinating story behind Jordan and his show.

Jordan Harbinger
Larry King of Podcasting

The Story of Jordan Harbinger

While today he may be referred to as the “Larry King of Podcasting,” his story started differently. Jordan has lived a rich life which has led him to entertain and inform audiences through his podcasts.

Today he is known for the popular The Jordan Harbinger Show. His story is a great inspiration to us all.

The Art of Charm

Jordan’s first foray into podcasting was with The Art of Charm podcast.

This podcast had Jordan and his co-hosts interviewing top performers from a variety of different fields on how they succeeded in life. This was one of the premier self-help podcasts that taught listeners how they could develop themselves and succeed in their goals.

Over a decade since its first episode, The Art of Charm remains one of the most popular podcasts. Jordan has since left and moved on to his own show.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Jordan became a legend unto himself with The Art of Charm and his fans have followed him onto his eponymous show.

Like his previous podcast, this is a great interview show that provides inspiration to the listeners. He spends hours studying the backstory of his guests (spending 20 hours and reading all his books for his Robert Green interview) before inviting them for an interview.

The success of the show has made Jordan into an expert on podcasting. He understands the importance of the quality of content. He knows that even though a podcast can be created by anyone, only the best podcasts will reach an audience. It is hard work and he does not take his success for granted.

The Future of Podcasting

Jordan knows that though podcasting continues to grow rapidly, it has not reached its peak. Nor does he believe that the industry is saturated. This goes back to his belief that as the podcasting industry is a meritocracy, only the podcasts with high-quality content will be listened to.

On average, Jordan produces twelve shows per month for the show. He has a team of engineers and producers for creating his content.

While he has made a living through podcasting (among other ventures) he has stressed that this is a slow and steady race. He states that aspiring podcasters should not expect to earn a lucrative income overnight. It takes hard work to succeed with podcasting.

Jordan Today

Along with his podcast, Jordan maintains a regular blog and is available for speaking engagements. He has traveled throughout Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. He has experienced life in war zones and was twice kidnapped!

His experiences add to his ability to communicate with others. They have taught him life lessons on how to succeed throughout any difficult situation.

For our benefit, he shares his wisdom through his podcast.

Have a Listen

Why not give Jordan show Harbinger a listen? We recommend listening to his show as well as listening back to The Art of Charm small towns.

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