Self-care has been a hot topic for years now. But with the first half of 2020 seeing so many people around the world stuck at home with a little more free time on their hands, it’s now even more so.

But creating a self-care routine is about much more than taking the occasional bubble bath or saying “no” to one too many Zoom check-ins. Creating the right routine for you takes care and attention to your needs, as well as a bit of work overcoming any guilt you might feel about taking time for yourself.

Let’s dive into what you need to know about self-care

Self Care Means Something Different for Everyone

The term “self-care” sometimes gets a bad rap. In fact, a study by Harris Poll found that 35 percent of people believe that it’s a luxury reserved for those with enough money, while 44 percent felt it was reserved for people with enough free time.

The reality is that while self-care is accessible to everyone, it also means something different to each person. While one individual might find a long soak in the tub and a decadent face mask a great way to relax, the next might find that boring or may think it would take too much time out of their day for them to ever make it a priority.

Finding a self-care routine that make you feel good is a must. To do this, consider the goals you have for yourself and your health. Do you wish that you could lose weight? Want to finally take care of those acne breakouts, or maybe minimize some wrinkles? Need a way to de-stress? Then, design a self-care routine that helps you achieve them.

Start small, choosing steps that don’t take too much time or effort so you won’t be tempted to make excuses. For instance, a nice stroll around the neighborhood each evening or a 5-minute skincare routine is easy enough to squeeze into even the busiest of day.

Keep Things Low Maintenance

The benefits of self-care are widely recognized. Unfortunately, those benefits aren’t always enough to convince us to set aside time for it. It’s important to let go of that guilt you feel about taking time for yourself. After all, you aren’t the only one that will benefit from your self-care. You’ll also improve your focus at work and leave yourself more relaxed and energized to care for your children. But if you’re still dealing with feelings of guilt, it’s a good idea to keep your self-care routine low-maintenance and easy to complete so that you won’t be tempted to skip it when you’re short on time.

Luckily, the right beauty products can streamline your routine and get you the same gorgeous results you’d get from a salon without leaving your home. For example, instead of getting a blow out, find a dry shampoo that lifts your hair. While salons are closed, skip the fake eyelashes and try what some consider to be the best eyelash serum on the market, which will give your lashes a fuller, longer, darker appearance.

Invest in Quality

The amount of time you spend on your self-care is far less important than the quality of the products you choose to use.

Whether you’re pressed for time or just want to make the most of your results, you need to invest in quality products, especially when it comes to skincare. With so many trendy brands out there offering everything from face masks to serums to soaks, it’s easy to get caught up in gimmicks and promises. But remember that your skin goes through a lot in a day. Even if your’s isn’t particularly sensitive, products loaded with chemicals or lacking important nutrients won’t help you get the glowing, healthy, hydrated skin you’re dreaming of.

Mastering Self-Care

While self-care might look different from one person to the next, it’s importance is something that doesn’t change. Put these tips to work to build your own self-care routine to get your skin in beautiful shape or start working toward your other health goals.

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