Transitioning from on-campus courses to online classes isn’t easy for everyone. The structure that physical classes provide helps most students stay focused, accountable, and caught up in their studies.

However, just because taking online classes can be a rough transition, it doesn’t mean you can’t be just as successful as if you were sitting in class. You just need to learn how to adopt new habits.

Keep reading for five essential tips for making the most out of your online classes

1. Practice Self-Discipline

Growing as a human being means learning how to implement self-discipline into your day to day life. It means showing up on time for work, taking care of your health, and managing obligations. When taking online classes, self-discipline means dedicating enough time, energy, and effort into your studies.

One of the most important tips for online classes is to simply remember that they are no less important than on-campus classes. They require just as much, if not more of your attention. Don’t slack off or wait until the last minute to complete assignments, study for exams, etc.

2. Put Yourself on a Schedule

Putting yourself on a strict schedule is one of the most beneficial strategies for success while taking online classes. Figure out how many hours per week each class requires and chisel it into your planner (with some flexibility). You need to have specified blocks of time each day specific for each class.

Furthermore, these blocks of time need to be sacred. Don’t allow yourself to be persuaded to go out for coffee, hang out with friends, or watch TV instead of studying.

3. Create a Workspace

One of the most important tips for online classes is creating a dedicated workspace for yourself.

On-campus classes are great because you’re in a work-promoting environment. You need to create the same thing at home.

Your workspace needs to be separate from other parts of the house. You shouldn’t be sitting in front of the TV or in a common area where roommates, significant others, or your children congregate. Fill your workspace with your textbooks, notepaper, pencils, pens, and everything else you need.

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4. Limit Distractions

Taking online classes can be difficult because, at home, you’re more vulnerable to distractions. Treat your workspace and work time the same as you would on-campus. Turn your phone on silent and if it vibrates or lights up, ignore it.

If you live with others, let them know that you wish not to be disturbed during the blocks of times dedicated to your classes.

5. Communicate With Your Classmates and Professors

One of the biggest downfalls of taking online classes is that some students don’t feel as comfortable asking for help. While in class on campus, it’s easy to raise your hand or lean over to the student next to you to ask a question.

We encourage you not to be shy. Your class should provide you with contact information for your professor and the other students. Reach out if you have any questions or want to form a study group.

Want More Resources for Taking Online Classes?

Learning how to be successful while taking online classes can be difficult.

However, we urge you not to give in to despair or give up on furthering your education. Instead, try to implement our strategies for success and take advantage of all your resources.

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