Around 74% of children and teenagers experience some anxiety around visiting the dentist. This could be down to past experiences, taking on a parent’s fear of the dentist, or finding the examinations uncomfortable.

But dental hygiene is important and looking after your family’s healthcare now will help set them up when they’re older. That’s why it’s important to choose the right family dentist for your little ones to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Not sure what you need to consider? These tips will teach you how to choose a family dentist and what to look for.

1. Convenient Location

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When choosing a family dentist, only research dental practices that are in your local area. Picking an amazing family dentist 30 miles away might seem like a good idea at the time. But when their checkups roll around, you’ll wish you chose the “good enough” dentist five miles away.

If you can, sign up for a family dentistry practice between your kids’ school and your house. You’ll likely be taking them to appointments either on the way to or back from school, anyway.

2. Treatment Costs

Healthcare plans that include dental care are like gold dust. But if yours does then find a family dentist that’s covered in your plan. If not, when you research practices, check what kind of family dentist financial plans they offer.

The most common is the “pay as you go” financial plan where you pay for appointments when you have them. Some dentists allow you to pay a set monthly figure to spread out the cost of regular checkups. And others allow you to set up payment plans for more expensive treatments.

3. Types of Treatments

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Speaking of treatments, when choosing a dentist for your family you should check their treatment list to see what they offer. Not all family dentists offer the same services.

For example, some practices may not have the resources to handle emergency appointments. Considering kids chip their teeth playing sports all the time, that could be an issue!

4. Professional Certifications

Though it’s unlikely that any family dentist in your area doesn’t have the proper qualifications, it’s always best to check. Consult the American Dental Association’s register to see if it includes your potential family dentist.

5. Demeanor and Service

One of the most important things to look for in a family dentist is how the dentist and their team interact with your children. Some dentists might be fantastic with adults but have no rapport with kids.

Good family dentists should respect your childrens’ boundaries around their bodies. They should speak in a calm manner to relieve their anxieties and give lots of dental hygiene advice. Oh, and having stickers on hand for younger kids is a great sign too!

Use These Tips To Find the Best Family Dentist

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There’s no such thing as the perfect family dentist but there are better ones out there for your children than others. And if you take all these considerations into account, you’ll no doubt find the perfect dental professional for your family.

There’s nothing more important than you and your family’s health. If you want to learn more about being healthy, the articles in the health and fitness section of our website will help!

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