Creating and launching a business without building a brand is almost like making an extravagant piece of art for a gallery that nobody goes to.

What we’re saying is: what’s the point of establishing a business that isn’t backed by digital marketing? Not many customers will know of or be able to support your business if they’ve never heard of it.

Building a brand goes far beyond opening business bank accounts and creating a graphic to serve as your logo.

While both of these elements are crucial to the success of your business, everything comes down to the strong brand identity you have built. Keep reading for three brand-building tips.

1. Sort Out Your Strategy

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Building a brand can be broken down into three levels: strategy, identity, and marketing. Here, we’ll start with how you can sort out your strategy.

A brand strategy should encompass these three aspects:

  • What your brand signifies or stands for
  • The promises your brand makes to customers
  • What kind of personality your brand communicates to customers through your marketing

When you take the time to clearly identify your branding strategy, you’re on the right path to figuring out your brand identity and what kind of marketing methods you’ll use.

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2. Identify Your Identity

Start by Identifying Your Business's Unique Brand

The next step in building a brand is identifying your brand identity. Essentially, a brand identity is not what you tell others about your company.

It’s about what others are saying about your company.

Think of McDonald’s, for example. The golden arches are the first to come to mind, sure, but we all know that McDonald’s is the embodiment of fast food; of cheap meals that are sure to fill you up.

Their brand identity is composed of product offerings, communication style, logos, color palettes, and values that their employees hold to a high standard.

Your brand identity should do the same. It should serve as a detailed illustration of what your business offers and means to your customers.

However, at the end of the day, the way your customers perceive your brand will ultimately become your identity.

3. Manage Your Marketing Methods

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When you initially set out in building a brand, you may see many marketing methods you want to try. While this can be helpful through a process of trial and error, you will want to manage these methods.

Since we live in a modern era that’s been superbly digitalized, you can’t go wrong with online advertising.

Online advertising is any kind of message that has the potential of showing up on a search engine, website, social media, mobile devices, or even email.

Reasons that business owners like you use online advertising to market their brand include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Reaching a wide group of people
  • Measuring your success (or lack thereof)
  • Personalization for your target audience

Online advertising comes in many forms and can be tweaked to better fit within the parameters of your brand. Types of online advertisements include:

  • Display ads: These appear as banners of all shapes, colors, and sizes and are most likely the oldest form of digital marketing
  • Email ads: These are so popular that many businesses don’t even consider them to be advertisements, but they are especially useful as an ad because people are encouraged to check their inboxes
  • Social media ads: These have to be the most popular kind of online advertisements, taking presence on almost every single social media app and coming in all types of forms

Take advantage of the digital marketing realm and get your brand out there.

Building a Brand: The More You Know

With these three solid, foundational tips to building a brand, you’re sure to get the attention you desire for your business.

Sort out your strategy, identify your brand identity, and manage which marketing methods work best for you. Business branding has never been easier!

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