Summer 2019 is on the way. What do you wear?

If you want to update your wardrobe with the latest styles for summer, we’ve got your lead on what you need to survive. 

Summer is much more fun when you’ve got the latest trends in your closet. But, you don’t need everything on the newest style watch lists to keep up with what’s hot for 2019. 

Check out our five favorite women’s accessories to keep your summer style current, whether it’s work, play, or both!

1. Jewelry First

Sometimes, jewelry is an afterthought. 

Throw on a favorite necklace or bracelet as you walk out the door. Add a pair of earrings because your mom always said a lady wears earrings. 

What if your jewelry wasn’t the afterthought? What if your jewelry was the forethought? 

This summer, start your outfit with an eye-catching piece of women’s jewelry.


We love the pearls we see as one of the latest jewelry trends for 2019. 

From pearl necklaces to bracelets and earrings, pearls can dress up an outfit or complete your casual daytime look. 

No, we’re not talking your grandmother’s old string of pearls.

Today you’ll see a single pearl on a small chain paired with a tasteful set of pearl earrings. You’ll also see a full strand of pearls–short around the neck or a long strand to make a more significant statement. 

Metals and Stones

If pearls aren’t your thing, we also see metals and stones combined in a style known as “luxe utilitarian.” 

These rings, bracelets, and necklaces dress up or down depending on your day. If you aren’t familiar with Roman glass jewelry, check it out. Roman glass styles combine old elements with new styles for a perfectly on-trend look. 

To learn more about Roman glass, read more here

Once you’ve selected your favorite jewelry pieces for 2019, build your outfits around your jewelry statement. 

2. Bags Become Clear 

The idea of a clear handbag was once a hideous idea. 

Would you consider using a handbag that shows off your valuables and unmentionables? No thank you.

Brace yourselves: clear handbags have morphed into something both trendy and functional. 

With a variety of styles and incorporating different colors and materials, you’ll want a clear handbag to complete your outfit. 

Choose handbags that are completely clear with colorful accents. Or, snag a bag with only a clear section or two. 

Extra protection for your purse is one perk of the clear part of your handbag. Leather covered with an attractive clear exterior looks sharp and keeps the leather safe from weather or other damage. 

3. The Fabulous Baker Boy Hat is Back

Love it or hate it, the Baker Boy hat is back. 

Baker boy hats come in a variety of styles within the style. A couple of our favorite’s include:

  • The Captain’s hat is your basic, almost dull form of the Baker Boy hat. However, you don’t have to be drab or worry about making your outfit dull when wearing one.

    Grab a Captain’s hat when it’s a bad hair day to take the focus off of your hair. Shift focus onto your trendy head accessory. 

  • The Newsboy cap is a smaller, lower profile version of the Baker Boy. The eight panels give it a baggier look on top of your head compared to the Captain’s hat. 

You might think Baker Boy hats are best as a fall accessory–and you’re right. For summer, choose a lighter material that breathes. Save flannel or leather hats for fall and winter. 

For summer, get creative with colors. A white cap is a perfect accent for your summer wardrobe. 

4. Footwear in the Color Purple

The year 2018 gave us the color Violet as the color of the year.

While purple isn’t the official color of 2019, we love seeing purple stick around for shoes in all shapes and designs. 

No matter your style, there’s a purple shoe for you. 

  • We see purple pumps and flats adding a splash of color to business suits and office attire. 
  • Boots–tall or short–in shades of deep purple or lavender make a statement piece for any outfit. 
  • You can’t go wrong with purple sneakers, sandals, and casual shoes paired with leggings, jeans, or shorts. 

Purple is a color that works with almost any skin tone or outfit choice. If you choose just one summer accessory trend, adding a pair of purple shoes to your wardrobe.

5. The Angle On Sunglasses

This year, you’ll see sunglasses take an angular shape. 

It’s a departure from more classic round or oval shapes. For this summer, add a pair of sunglasses with sharp edges to your accessory collection. 

This “edgy” trend includes anything from sharply-defined cat-eye frames to big, boxy square frames. Trade your classic aviators for sharp diamond-shaped frames. 

Pair your angled shades with bold, block prints for a day out in the sun. Sharp lines on your clothing make a big statement when you add sharp cat-eye sunglasses when you step outside. 

Choose One–or All–of The Latest Women’s Accessories

If you consider yourself a mild trendsetter, choose one or two of our favorite 2019 trends in women’s accessories. You don’t have to do it all to keep up with the trends this year. 

But if you love all of the latest and greatest fashions, mix and match these summer trends for a full summer of fashion fun. You can’t go wrong with any of these styles. 

And remember, you don’t have to break the bank to stick with the latest styles. Shop sales and off-brands to match the trends you like. Chances are, you’re the only one who will know your new clear handbag isn’t straight off a fashion runway. 

Are you looking for more fashion tips? Check out more of our favorite shoe trends for 2019.

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