If you are a resident of North America, you would certainly know how irritating it gets when your lawn is constantly ruined by the mean Canada geese. Since they are vegetarian, the greenery of your lawn or around your property is their main course.

They not only wreak havoc around your property but they come as a huge flock and make so loud noises that it becomes impossible to live within the same vicinity as them. They are messy and bring only bad news!

And the worst part is that not all geese come with the intention of migrating again instead they settle on your property for long. As they choose their residence based on the safety and food they would get in a particular area, they could stay longer if they find the grass healthy and environmentally safe.

What will you do then if a giant flock finally shows up at your place? If you havenโ€™t prepared beforehand, chances are you would get stuck with the geese for the coming days. So the only key to having geese free property is being prepared.

This is just what we will cover in this article and will tell you how to keep geese off the lawn.

Build A Fence

Your first line of defense against the geese attack should be fencing either your waterfront or the entrance to your lawn. You could do this by using netting of plastic, nylon or mesh.

The fencing has to be 30 inches high so the geese cannot cross over easily, but it is only useful during the summer when adult geese become flightless for almost a month or two. However, in winter, their migration starts and you usually do not see them for a long time.

Keep Grass Long

Geese love small baby sprouts of the grass so if your lawn has short grass, geese will nest on your property more than any other place. And, if your place happens to have a nice pond or waterfront, then the site would become all the more attractive to them.

So if you have to keep them off your grass, keep it a bit longer while mowing. This will discourage the geese flock and they will eventually move to another pasture.

Be A Bit Harsh

We understand that die-hard animal lovers find it unsettling to be harsh on animals or birds, but in this matter, you will have to be a little firm for the sake of your propertyโ€™s look and your own health.

As per the recent discovery, safety is by far the most important factor for geese than food, so anything remotely threatening their security will shoo them away. For this, you can keep predator decoys like coyote decoys, or air horns.

Keeping geese out of yard is not impossible but sometimes it does get overwhelming therefore if you cannot take precautionary measures on your own then it is best to get good repellent and services from professionals.

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