While you cannot imagine life without your car, it is important to appreciate that it needs regular maintenance without which a breakdown of even a small component can leave you stranded on the road and facing expensive repair bills to boot. You can keep your car in good running condition with a checklist of essential maintenance activities and save yourself from expensive trips to the service center and a whole lot of bother.

Some practical tips

Get to Know the Ownerโ€™s Manual

Every car comes with a manual that covers all its features as well as important information on periodic maintenance. It also contains vital safety information which makes it even more important that you study it and get to know your car well. Try to follow the maintenance schedule suggested for a replacement for important parts like wipers, fan belts, oil, and air filters as well as vital fluids like engine oil and coolant.

Clean and Polish the Car Regularly

Wash the car with a reputed brand of car shampoo and lots of water and dry it properly to avoid corrosion. Polish your car using a synthetic or wax polish so that not only does the paintwork sparkle but also it is better protected from pollution and bird droppings. Remember to clean the interior of the car taking care to remove food debris that can attract insects and rodents. Vacuum the interior thoroughly and wipe all the surfaces with a damp cloth. It is a good idea to park in the shade to prevent damage to the paintwork and the interior by the UV rays of the sun.

Check All Fluid Levels

As per https://www.forbes.com, engine oil that is dirty or insufficient can cause extra friction that can speed up engine wear and tear. Be careful to use only the approved grade of oil. Make it a point to see if the tank containing the washer fluid is full and refill with the recommended fluid. Also check out the levels of the engine coolant, steering fluid, and antifreeze to avoid getting into trouble on the road. If you suspect a leak, it is important to visit a competent workshop like Jupiter auto repair to get it attended to at the earliest.

Check Out the Battery

The sealed batteries in modern vehicles need very little care but you should check out the acid level and top up even if it is supposed to be maintenance-free. Check for corrosion on the terminals and clean and apply petroleum jelly to arrest the corrosion. If you find that you need to crank more while starting or the lights are dim when the engine is idling, be sure to get the battery checked by professionals


Keeping your car in good running condition is not very difficult if you know what to look out for and schedule your maintenance properly. Besides following the maintenance schedule, carrying out a quick inspection of the car for signs of rust, tire damage, and ensuring that all the lights, indicators, brakes, and wipers work can help you from being caught out in a tricky situation on the road.

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