Your computer is your life.

If you don’t protect the goods you can end up isolated from the internet. Okay, so we’re exaggerating a little bit, but if you’re traveling your computer is extremely important.

You probably rely on your computer to access your bank account, communicate with friends and family, and get professional work done. That being said, you can’t let¬†a simple mistake break your computer.

We’re talking, of course, about the multitude of bad things that can happen to your computer. Spills, drops, slips, and more can all quickly become costly mistakes. That is, unless you have a computer case.

We’re talking, of course, about the multitude of bad things that can happen to your computer. Spills, drops, slips, and more can all quickly become costly mistakes. That is, unless you have a computer case or if you are using laptops then you will be needing tactical backpacks for laptops.

That’s why today, we want to break down the nine best computer cases for¬†the business traveler. Let’s take a look at the best ways to protect your computer.

1. AmazonBasics 13.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve

Amazon seems to excel at everything nowadays, and computer cases are no exception. This case offers basic protection from drops and other bumps. We like this case because of its one-size-fits-all nature, and because the soft material conforms to crowded traveling bags. 

Plus, if you’re an Amazon Prime user you’ll get that wonderful free two-day shipping. You know what’s great when you’re traveling?

Instant gratification. 

2. Fintie MacBook Air 13-Inch Hard Shell Case

This MacBook air 13 inch case has a hardshell design that protects your computer even when you’re¬†browsing the web (or getting work done!). This slim case is clear, preserving the MacBook Air’s form factor. A¬†ventilation cut out also ensures the¬†case won’t impact your MacBook’s performance.

A big benefit here is never having to take the case off your Mac. You never know when disaster might strike.

3. Thule Gauntlet 3.0 15-Inch MacBook Pro Retina Sleeve

The Thule Gauntlet 3.0 case is the tank of MacBook Pro cases.

This case keeps your computer safe from drops, bumps, bruises, spills, and more. Realistically, you’d have to really try to damage¬†your computer once it’s in this case. If you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your MacBook Pro, look no further.

4. Incase Classic Sleeve for MacBook 12-Inch

Last but not least for the Mac-centric cases, the¬†Incase Classic Sleeve for the 12-inch MacBook line comes in an array of colors from pink to¬†aubergine. The soft inside protects against bumps and bruises while the thin profile fits with the MacBook’s thin form factor.

We’ve always had good luck with Incase cases over the long term. These cases are durable enough to protect that expensive MacBook.

5. Tomtoc Protective Laptop Shoulder Bag

The Tomtoc is a shoulder bag meets laptop case that’s perfect for those always on the go.

The bag is small enough to take anywhere while durable enough to keep your computer safe. The inside is rigid to protect against flexing while also lined with foam that keeps your computer safe from drops and falls.

When you’re looking for versatility, look no further than the Tomtoc.

6. Incase EO Travel Backpack

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a laptop case, but as a traveler, you could probably use something that can hold your laptop and your clothes. The Incase EO maximizes storage space while still keeping your computer safe.

There’s even an easy-open compartment to help you breeze through airport security. And if that wasn’t enough, the bag features a¬†side-mounted handle that lets you use the bag¬†like a briefcase.¬†

7. Mosiso Water Repellent Lycra Sleeve Bag

The Mosiso case is a pseudo-Mac case that also fits plenty of other laptops. We say pseudo-Mac case only because the case aligns with the common Mac dimensions.

This case makes our list because it’s waterproof and also includes a space for storing a charger. When you’re on the road, that charger becomes more important than you can imagine (as you probably already know!).

Which leads us¬†to…¬†

8. Aqua Quest Storm Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

Many laptop cases protect against falls, but not enough protection against water. The¬†Aqua Quest Storm protects against accidental spills that the average soft case can’t keep at bay. As an extra bonus, the Aqua Quest is also padded on the inside.

We recommend this case to anyone that expects to expose their laptop to the elements. If you’re traveling anywhere that’ll you’ll spend time outside,¬†make sure that you¬†prioritize waterproofing.¬†

9. McKlein USA Leather Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Case

Last but not least comes the¬†McKlein USA. Made from leather, this case is for the traveler who needs to look good wherever they’re going. The¬†McKlein USA offers an equal amount of protection and looks. Styled as a briefcase, you can simply unzip it and fly through airport security.

Plus, the leather construction¬†adds to this case’s durability. Leather holds up to abuse far better than fabric. While leather might scratch, it won’t rip, tear, or otherwise stop protecting your computer.

Staying Informed on Computer Cases and More

As a traveler, you need to stay informed about the goings-on in the world.

This means everything from education to wellness, to tech and health and fitness. There isn’t anything you should let fall by¬†the wayside. So how can you stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest?

That’s where we want to help. Our website is dedicated to bringing you all the latest and greatest world happenings. If there’s anything we aren’t covering that you’d like to see, be sure to let us know.

Until then, keep on reading and¬†keep on traveling. Oh, and don’t forget to buy those¬†computer cases.¬†

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