The injunction means the defunding and fetal pain measures cannot be enforced while she is hearing Planned Parenthood’s legal challenge to the law. #

According to reporting by the Fond Du Lac Reporter, the lack of public testimony from those in the medical community when Indiana’s law was making its way through the legislature has already caused “unintended consequences.” #

Elizabeth Ferries-Rowe, chief of obstetrics and gynecology for Wishard Memorial Hospital, said in a letter that the legislature and [Gov. Mitch] Daniels had “tied the hands of physicians attempting to provide medically appropriate, evidence-based care in the setting of routine obstetrics and gynecology” in “a politically motivated move to de-fund Planned Parenthood.” #

A spokesman for the Indiana’s attorney general’s office told the Star that the state will likely “seek a review of Pratt’s ruling by the federal appeals court in Chicago.” #

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