While Mike Haridopolos can run off a litany of elected officials who have endorsed his campaign — state Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, House Speaker Dean Cannon, state Sen., and former acting Republican Party chair John Thrasher, Congressman Connie Mack — Adam Hasner has been racking up statements of support from prominent talk radio hosts.

Alongside Mark Levin and Hugh Hewitt, he can now add Joyce Kaufman, the South Florida talker who helped promote the campaign of now-Rep. Allen West and (almost) went to work for him in Washington.

The rhetoric in her endorsement note (via the Shark Tank, a conservative blog) is rather tame by her standards, but touches on some familiar themes of Hasner’s campaign so far:

A man who is proud of the Judeo Christian values of this country and who is strongly pro life. Adam Hasner has stood alongside of me and members of our community when it wasn’t the “politically correct” thing to do; but it was the right thing to do. Adam Hasner has the critical thinking skills of an academic, but the real life common sense of a homeowner, a businessman, a husband and a neighbor. Adam Hasner also understands that America has enemies who would crush our civilization in the name of a radical ideology and they must be identified and stopped. He understands that a secure border is a matter of law and national safety and Adam has a solid perspective on the importance of controlling who is in our Country and why they are here.

Hasner called Kaufman “a true fighter” on Twitter, and wrote that he is “proud to have her support.”

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