After announcing his candidacy from New Jersey, former Utah governor and ambassador to China Jon Huntsman is coming to Florida tomorrow, where he will announce the opening of his national campaign headquarters in Orlando (tour details are below).

Democrats wasted little time going after him, with state party chairman Rod Smith saying Huntsman is embarking on a “national reinvention tour,” highlighting what he described as Mitt Romney-like changes in his positions that place him, along with his fellow primary contenders, in a “race to the right” to appease the Republican base.

As an example, Smith pointed to Huntsman’s criticism of economic stimulus measures, which he once said were too small, and should have included more tax cuts and more investment in infrastructure.

Of the current GOP presidential contenders, Huntsman has some of the closest ties to this state. His supporting political action committee, Horizon PAC, is run by Susie Wiles, who successfully managed Rick Scott’s run for governor.

Smith said he saw Huntsman’s decision to base his campaign here as a sign he’s trying to make a serious run at Florida.

Here are the times for his planned swing through the state tomorrow:

10:10 AM – Visit Everglades Lumber and Building Supply
6991 SW 8th Street
Miami, Florida 33144
10:40 AM – Casual Discussion with Local Business Leaders
Sarussi Cafe and Restaurant
6797 SW 8th St
Miami, Florida 33144
4:30 PM – Huntsman for President National Headquarters Opening
255 South Orange Ave, Suite 600
Orlando, FL 32801
– Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting
– Brief Remarks
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