The career of an artist is often viewed as a path that is fraught with difficulty, low pay rates, and not a viable job to pursue long-term. And so many creatives that have studied art either struggle to make it, or end up trying something else.

But without artists, we wouldn’t have anything! From the homes we live in, to the products we use daily, to the clothes we wear. Everything is designed by an artist.

So if you’re an artist who is a little unsure about your path, don’t fret. In this article, we’ll look at seven jobs in the art field that are well worth considering.

1. Illustrator

An illustrator is a great artistic job for anyone who can draw by hand or on the computer. You would create images for all sorts of different media, such as books, magazines, websites, advertisements, print, billboards, the list goes on. Illustrators are always in demand and can earn a very substantial income.

2. Product Designer

Consumer products are always being created or improved, which is where a product designer will shine. Much of the work involves conceptual sketches and computer-aided design (CAD), based on briefs and customer feedback. It also includes researching creative techniques, functionality, and aesthetics to bring a new product to the market.

3. Architect

An architect is like taking product design to a much bigger scale to design new structures, buildings, and renovations. There is more work required as they have to consider all sorts of aspects, including technical specifications to safe and pleasing design. A degree and additional training are required, but the salary is excellent.

4. Interior Designer

Now onto the inside of buildings, because they need a creative eye just as much as an architect. Interior design is all about making a space fully functional and beautiful to look at at the same time. It involves creating a careful, customized plan and design on everything from fixtures to furniture, to make a space truly awe-inspiring.

5. Fashion Designer

We all need clothes. And every piece needs to be designed using conceptual sketches, mood boards, and CAD before they’re sent off to be made. You can work on everyday wear to high-street brands, to high-end designers. If you have an eye for the latest fashion trends, or you just love fashion, this could be the path for you.

6. Tattoo Artist

If you love to create all sorts of weird and wonderful drawings and have a steady hand, you could become a tattoo artist. Clients will request a design concept and you would produce some mock-up sketches of how it will look before inking it onto their skin. Training and a license are required, but you may be pleasantly surprised at how much you can make in this art job.

7. Animator

Animation is like magic as you bring static imagery to life. And it’s not limited to cartoons either. You can create animations for websites, ads, films, and video games too. It includes hand drawing, computer graphics, 3D design, and composition to develop various moving images and visual effects. It can be highly rewarding in experiencing the complete animation journey. And can pay well too.

Applying For Jobs in the Art Field

As you can see, there are many rewarding and well-paid jobs in the art field. So if you have the talent, it’s up to you to develop it, expand your skills, and build that portfolio to impress those in the areas you wish to work.

If you’re creative, then get creative, and keep creating. Having a passion for art is one thing, but having the drive to develop your passion and make it a sought-after skill, makes all the difference in becoming a successful artist.

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