While receiving a brand new piece of beautiful gold jewelry may feel amazing, the source of that gold isn’t always ideal. Jewelry, though extremely common, is usually made with perishable resources and human labor that often will leave you feeling a bit less than spectacular when you dig into its source.

Luckily, recyclable jewelry has become all the rage recently. When Gold was scarcely available in India, they turned to recycled jewelry instead. This type of jewelry is a great option for any needs, from the perfect wedding ring to an amazing mother’s day gift.

Here are 3 jewelry designers whose recycled jewelry collections you should definitely keep an eye out for.

1. Andrea Bonelli

Based out of California, Andrea Bonelli is one designer focused on making the world a better place by using recycled jewelry. Through her minimalist designs, she is able to create unique jewelry for any occasion. It is not uncommon for her to create wedding bands and engagement rings using recycled and eco-friendly material.

On top of using eco-friendly material, all of the diamonds that Andrea uses are ethically sourced. If you’re especially concerned about human rights issues in the diamond market, Andrea may be the perfect designer for your jewelry needs.

2. Odette New York

Fine artist Jennifer Sarkilahti, based out of Brooklyn, is responsible for the design and creation of all Odette New York jewelry. She uses recycled silver, gold, brass, and bronze to perfect her creations, using the “lost wax” technique that uses a clay cast that will ultimately sculpt your final product.

It is fully possible that you may have contributed to an Odette New York creation without even knowing it. As she uses local businesses to provide her materials, your sale of older, unused jewelry may have been recycled into some of Odette’s products.

If you want your jewelry to possibly be used for product’s like these, make sure to find the best scrap copper prices per pound and sell some of your old jewelry so that it, too, can be recycled.

3. AnaKatarina

Her name sounds like royalty and her designs will make you feel like it. Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic is a former war correspondent turned activist. Her jewelry designs all come from recycled gold and reclaimed diamonds, so you can truly have a guilt-free conscience when buying your jewelry.

If you’re looking for more than just gold and diamonds, Ana-Katarina also designs jewelry with bright, fair-trade gemstones, that come in a wide variety of colors. Her creativity and fashion sense are on full display with these designs.

Are You Looking for Recycled Jewelry?

With the increased popularity of recycled jewelry, many designers are now becoming more conscious of the sources of their materials. There are more options than ever of guilt-free purchases you can make when looking for the perfect gift, for either yourself or for a loved one.

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