Jacksonville City Councilman Clay Yarborough has failed to retract his endorsement of the controversial abstinence advocacy group Project SOS.

Though the group has raised eyebrows for its founder’s affiliation with Ugandan “Kill the Gays” Pastor Martin Ssempa, and a controversial curriculum that was dubbed “unacceptable” by the American School Health Association, Yarborough’s campaign office had “no comment” on his endorsement.

On the Project SOS website, Yarborough is quoted as sayinghe is “very proud” to support the organization, and calls its efforts “invaluable”:

I am very proud to support Project SOS and its invaluable efforts in schools and communities to reach youth and encourage them to abstain from behaviors proven to be harmful. Project SOS truly seeks to strengthen students so they can make responsible choices and lay a better foundation for their futures.

Yarborough is currently running for a second term on the Jacksonville City Council.

Fellow elected official, Sheriff John Rutherford, has yet to respond to questions about his endorsement of the goup.

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