Did you know that 1991 is the most common birth year in America?

Whether you’re a nostalgic 90s baby or a big fan of this iconic decade, there are plenty of things that are fun to love and hate about this window in history. There’s no better way to reminisce about the 90s than to throw an exciting themed party.

One of the most important details is figuring out how to dress up for a 90s party to make the festivities feel more authentic. If you need help planning your outfit, keep reading to learn more about what to wear to a 90s party.

1. A Denim Jacket

Remember the time Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore all-denim outfits to the American Music Awards show? If you need some 90s party attire inspiration, look no further than a denim jacket.

2. A Band T-Shirt

If you want to know how to dress for a 90s party in a grunge style, you can’t go wrong with a band t-shirt. Sites like Oldschooltees.com have a wide selection of epic bands from the 90s and beyond.

3. Overalls

Sometimes figuring out what to wear to a 90s night can be as simple as pairing the most unflattering clothes in your closet. Whether you think they’re adorable or ugly, overalls were a fashion staple in the 90s. Overalls are just one of the many questionable pieces that make people tease 90s fashion trends.

4. A Retro Windbreaker

One of the funkiest things that symbolize the 90s is colorful windbreakers. Men and women alike made a statement by sporting these jackets even when the weather was perfect or they spent their entire day indoors.

5. A Bucket Hat

Hip hop thrived in the 90s and plenty of unique fashion choices became popularized as a result. Any 90s baby is likely to have at least one picture of themselves in a bucket hat. If you want to be as fresh as Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, then a bucket hat has to be included in your 90s outfit.

6. Plaid or Flannel

What’s cozier than a soft shirt made out of plaid or flannel? These clothing patterns were a huge hit in the 90s grunge scene, but plenty of regular people picked up the trend as well. Movies like Clueless made plaid skirts a wardrobe must-have even to this day.

7. Scrunchies

One 90s trend that has had a resurgence in the modern fashion world is the scrunchy. Thanks to influencers like Emma Chamberlain, this cute accessory is back in the spotlight. Although they’re popular now, scrunchies will always have an important place in 90s culture.

Now You Know What to Wear to a 90s Party

If you’re trying to figure out what to wear to a 90s party, this list can help you pull together a killer look.

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