YouTube has quickly emerged as a go-to site for people looking for all sorts of content.ย 

For years, the site has averaged 400 hours of content uploaded every single minute.ย 

Today, many people are getting their music through YouTube. But what do you do when a song plays on YouTube that you can’t identify?

Read the following information so that you can learn how to identify songs in YouTube videos.ย 

1. Thoroughly Read the Description

Sometimes the information you are looking for is hidden in plain sight.ย 

If the song isn’t the main focal point of the video, the uploader might not put the song in the title. However, in many cases, they will add credit to the description. Read every sentence of the description to make sure that you aren’t overlooking any valuable info.ย 

Once you find out what song it is, you can use YouTube to mp3 to convert the file and download it.ย 

2. Listen to and Research the Lyrics

When the uploader doesn’t cite the title, let your ears be your guide.ย 

Listen carefully and string together as many complete sentences of the song as you can. From here, you can take it to a Google search and see if the lyrics are posted on any sites.ย 

There are a number of websites that list lyrics, along with an analytical breakdown of the lyrics for context.ย 

3. Look into Some Extensions to Identify the Music

Sometimes it’s best to get some software involved when you are looking to identify music.ย 

Make sure you get your hands on the technology that will help you identify songs. There are extensions that you can download in browsers like Chrome that will let you identify any music that is playing.ย 

Having access to these extensions will let you get immediate info on a song that you happen to be playing from YouTube in one of your tabs.ย ย 

Aside from extensions, you can also download mobile apps that can help you identify music.ย A lot of people use the Shazam app to identify songs.ย 

With this app, you load it up and start playing the song. The app will run several algorithms as it “listens” to the music. From there, it will offer some results suggestions that let you know the name of the song, which artist performs it, and what album, if any, it appears on.ย 

In many situations, it will feed you a direct link that lets you buy or stream the song in a marketplace or streaming service.ย 

4. Check the Comment Section

See, the comment section of YouTube isn’t all bad.ย 

If you’re wondering what song is playing, chances are great that someone else had the same question. YouTube commenters are usually pretty helpful about identifying songs when fellow listeners pop up with this question.ย 

5. Pay for YouTube Subscribers

Pay for YouTube subscribers has been the raging component for the development of an increased viewer base. Over these years, people have been shifting to YouTube to get content about different things but songs remain a lethal part. However, if you have difficulty in identifying songs, we have got some tips for you!

6. Use Search Engines

Needless to say that YouTube, itself is a search engine but if you want to identify the song, search the lyrics that you can understand on Google and it will put forward the main song for you. Problem solved!

7. Song Identification Apps

There are multiple song identification apps that allow users to identify YouTube songs. Some of the common music identification apps include Shazam, Beatfind, and Music Detector. The best thing is that you donโ€™t have to add any lyrics or browse for the song title because these apps will handle everything for you!

Either way, it doesn’t hurt to check.ย 

Learn How to Identify Songs in YouTube Videos

Using these tips teaches you how to identify songs in YouTube videos. Put these tips to use anytime a tune catches your ear.ย 

For more info on all things entertainment, keep checking our posts.ย 

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