Towards the end of 2015, Cisco reported that iOS 9 caused DNS leaks for its AnyConnect VPN service, and warned that the issue could affect other VPN clients as well. While the issue has since been fixed – and iOS tends to be more leak proof than, say, Windows – it’s still worth being informed about what problems could affect your iPhone VPN.

Click here to test your iPhone VPN for leaks and read on to find out what all this actually means for your privacy.

iPhone DNS Leaks

When you’re not using a VPN, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the one who resolves your Domain Name System (DNS) requests. Think of the DNS as the phonebook of the Internet. It’s through these DNS requests that your device can communicate with the websites and services you access on a daily basis.

Your VPN may route DNS requests through their own servers so your ISP doesn’t know what websites you access. And it’s no surprise, given that major telecom companies have been investigated by the FTC for selling customer location and browsing data.

A DNS leak occurs when these requests aren’t properly routed through your VPN, for whatever reason. This is usually attributed to an improper configuration of OpenVPN for iOS. There have been reports of this happening on third-party clients using OpenVPN as well – which thankfully get fixed in a timely manner.

The only real solution against DNS leaks on iOS is to pick a provider that offers DNS leak protection.

iPhone IPv6 Leaks

IPv4 addresses have run out as of 2019, so a solution was needed to make new ones for the ever-growing number of Internet-capable devices. As such, IPv6 was slated to become the new standard, allowing for longer and more varied combinations for IP addresses.

Yet its adoption has slowed down considerably in the past few years, leading to several problems – including IPv6 leaks in VPN clients that don’t support the standard. On other operating systems, the solution is as easy as disabling IPv6 from the network adapter.

Unfortunately, this is not possible on Apple’s mobile devices, so you must make sure your VPN offers IPv6 leak protection. For example, apps like OpenVPN Connect have an “IPv4-only tunnel” you can use to block out IPv6 traffic. It feels more secured and safe when you have VPN installed in your phone like the ExpressVPN in Canada which can unblock all sites that you wanted to access.

iPhone WebRTC Leaks

WebRTC is a browser feature that allows you to perform audio and video calls without the need for third-party apps. Unfortunately, it can also cause your VPN to leak your real IP address if the websites you visit perform things called STUN requests.

The article linked above mentions that this issue seems to be limited to Windows devices, but there have been reports of WebRTC happening on iOS 11 through Brave Browser, among others. This issue seems to have been fixed as of iOS 12, but it’s best you check your device for WebRTC leaks just in case.

Until iOS 12 came around, it used to be possible to disable WebRTC for Safari from the device settings. Apple has since removed this possibility, so make sure your VPN provider offers WebRTC leak protection. If you are wondering which VPN offers leak protection, try inVPN.

Finally, use the tool mentioned in the beginning to check your device for VPN leaks once every week, at the very least. Software updates and incompatibilities can sometimes mess with the privacy offered by your VPN, and it’s better safe than sorry.

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Lucky summers for Xbox One users as they will be getting one of the much-awaited updates from Microsoft, the Cortana is about to be rolled out.
For those who have no idea what Cortana is, well, it is a Microsoft’s virtual assistant which lets you communicate with your device like "Siri" on Apple iOS and "Google Now Assistant" for Android. You can talk to your device by saying “Hey Cortana” and you can then give all the instructions through voice.

The purpose of launching Cortana is to integrate Windows 10 and the Xbox console. Though initially the update will not be available for Windows 10 but at a later stage, you will be able to use it with Xbox app on Windows 10.

What to Expect

So how Cortana will change your gaming experience? How can it be of any help? Is it really a much needed feature?

Cortana is referred to as the ‘personal gaming assistant’. It will assist you in gaming, of course, but this is just the beginning. Right now, you will be able to use Cortana for gaming features only but in near future, it will work with other devices and will include a whole lot of other exciting features.

Cortana lets you communicate with your console over voice. It can let you find new games, turn on the Xbox, you can start a party, and you can perform several other tasks. You can also use it to search stuff on Bing, simply give a voice instruction to search something and voila, you are done.

The good news is that there are multiple updates that will be rolled out so you will see some nice changes this summer, for example, a new game collection will be rolled out, improvements in screenshot sharing feature, some of the famous PC games will be added to your Xbox live, and much more.

This is just the beginning. Microsoft is very enthusiastic about the update and it has already announced that Cortana is not limited to gaming only, so you should expect some good new features being added in recent times.

When and Where

Microsoft will be rolling the updates in phases – not all at once, thus you have to exhibit some patience. The first update will be rolled out this summer. You will get two updates this summer and more updates will follow soon.

At this moment, the Cortana will be available to Preview testers only. No, not to all the Preview testers but only those located in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. If you are in one of these countries, consider yourself lucky as you will be among the first ones who will have the privilege to try the new update.

Keep your fingers crossed for the update and let’s hope that the update proves to be good for the gamers. The basic purpose behind the launch of the Cortana and these updates is to integrate Xbox One fully with Windows app (the PC). Once it is done, you will experience gaming of another level.
But that’s not going to happen right away.

For now, just sit back, relax and let Microsoft do all the hard work. Wait for the update to reach you.

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