CCDE is the acronym of Cisco Certified Design Expert. The CCDE certification is one of the finest credentials which is meant for expert-level network leads, expert-level design engineers of the Information Technology infrastructure teams, and expert-level network leads of architecture teams operating in certain job roles which require the individuals to translate business requirements, operational constraints and budget into the design of an actually converged solution. The curriculum of CCDE prepares the innovators to innovate certain designs which act as a solution at the infrastructure level for huge customer networks. There are network engineers who are holding an active CCDE credential. The network engineers who are presently holding on to an active Cisco Certified Design Expert certification are very well known for their expert-level understanding and expertise in the field of network infrastructure design.

The deep and broad technical understanding which a CCDE certified candidate gains throughout the CCDE training proves to be very helpful and beneficial for the individuals in the long term. The technical knowledge which CCDE brings to an organization makes sure that the individuals going for the following are well qualified to address the most technically challenging network infrastructure design assignments.

CCDE Certification Exam:

CCDE certification exam

The CCDE certification requires the individuals to qualify for certain certification exams in order to achieve the CCDE credential. For achieving the following certification, the candidates are required to qualify for two certification exams which require the individuals to use their practical understanding. The individuals basically need to follow two different steps. The steps which the individuals need to follow are:

Step 1: Qualifying The CCDE Written Exam:

Qualifying the CCDE written certification exam is the very first step that the individuals need to go through. Before appearing for the CCDE certification exam, the individuals need to know about the certification exam. The certification test is for 2 hours which means the individuals have 120 minutes to complete the entire examination. The written certification test covers the network design in fields like tunneling, routing, QoS (Quality of Service), expenses, capacity, security, and management. The candidates are required to qualify for the written certification examination before the individuals become eligible to schedule the CCDE practical test. Qualifying the written certification test ensures that the individuals pass the very first level of the examination.

Step 2: Qualifying The Practical Exam:

Qualifying the practical exam

Qualifying the CCDE practical certification exam is the second step which the candidates are required to go through in order to achieve the CCDE credential. It is better if the individuals get a proper idea about the certification exam before appearing for the exam because it will provide them an upper hand in the examination. The practical examination is of 8 hours which means that the individuals get a total of 480 minutes to complete the entire examination. The practical examination checks the ability of the individuals to perform data analysis and justify innovation requirements, and develop a design deployment on the basis of the best practices which need to be followed. Only the individuals who gain a passing score on the CCDE Written Examination are required to register for the CCDE Practical examination.

Prerequisites And Training For The Exam:

Prerequisites and training for the exam

The individuals need to know that they don’t have to complete any kind of formal prerequisites in order to achieve the certification or to become eligible for the CCDE certification exam. This helps the candidates to appear for the CCDE certification easily. The candidates don’t have to make any extra efforts for appearing in the CCDE certification exam or qualifying for the following. Talking about different credentials as prerequisites, the individuals don’t need to worry because the following credential doesn’t require the individuals to achieve any other credentials as prerequisites for the following.

The candidates also don’t need to go for any particular training or professional certifications to become prepared for the certification exam. But, there are numerous individuals who need help in preparing for the CCDE certification exam. It is recommended that they should go for the CCDE online training or the CCDE online class to enhance their knowledge about the following credential. Individuals aspiring to gain training can find numerous training programs over the internet. These training programs can really prove to e helpful for the individuals in the following field. The individuals need to keep in mind that they don’t have to fulfill any prerequisite or get into training programs to become eligible for the certification test of CCDE.

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