Is the Disney Vacation Club worth it?

If you’re considering joining the DVC, you don’t want to put a lot of money into something if you’re not going to use it. What’s even worse is if it costs you more than what it is worth.

If you need helping deciding on whether this is a good investment for you or not, continue reading this article to learn more about the Disney Vacation Club.

What Is the Disney Vacation Club?

If you’re asking, “What is DVC?” here are some of the things you need to know before you decide to take the plunge.

The basics of the club can be a little confusing when you first look into it, but if you’re a Disney lover, it’s well worth the effort you put into understanding it.

When you become a member, you purchase real estate interest directly from Disney Vacation Club. This flexible timeshare is represented by vacation points. When you have your points, you can book accommodations at Disney resorts and other destinations.

Membership begins when you purchase a real estate interest in a DVC resort that is represented by the vacation points. Each year you can use the points to take your vacation.

Keep in mind that if you buy a membership and it doesn’t work out for you, you can sell the membership to someone else. If you’re considering buying a membership, you might look into buying one from someone else at a discount.

How Much Money Can You Save?

You want to make sure you’re able to save money when you join the club, so how much can you save?

Memberships start at $250 per month. When you have the membership, you can experience member benefits like these:

  • 50% off future stays at DVC resorts
  • Vacations at any of the resorts at any time
  • Great stays that might have otherwise been out of reach
  • Access to thousands of destinations around the world
  • Special event invitations
  • Savings on theme park admissions, shopping, dining, etc.

When you have a membership, you’re able to have a home base, but you’ll have access to many other properties.

Keep in mind that the more you spend, the more you’re going to save. If you dine out a lot or shop a lot then you’ll save more money than someone that doesn’t use their benefits.

If you’re a big saver, you might need to do further calculations to see if the club makes sense for you.

Pay for the Next 50 Years Vacations

When you opt to join the Disney Vacation Club, you’re basically paying for your family’s vacations for the next 50 years.

Some people opt to go with luxury vacation spots while other people go with the most economical resorts. Depending on what your budget is, you can see what you’re able to afford.

If you want to stay at the most luxurious spots, you’re looking at about double the amount of money paid out each month. So, you have to decide if staying at a super upscale resort is important enough for you to put out the extra cash.

One way to look at joining the club is that you’re locking in that year’s prices for the next 50 years. Imagine how much more money you’d have to pay to go to Disney in 10, 15, 25, or 50 years.

Does DVC Make Sense for Your Family?

If you still aren’t sure if the DVC makes sense for you, there are some things to consider.

One of the biggest things is whether you’re going to go to Disney every year for your vacation. If you plan on going to Disney every year, then you should look into this option seriously.

The younger you are when you purchase your DVC, the better because you’ll get more use out of it. If you live near a resort, it makes even more sense for you to get a membership since it is easy for you to get there and enjoy everything.

Even if you don’t live near a resort, it’s pretty inexpensive to fly to these locations. Save money by getting an early flight if you’re feeling a little strapped for cash.

Do You Get the Nicer Rooms?

When you’re a member of the DVC, you might be concerned about the room quality. Put your mind at ease because you’re able to get the nicest rooms available when you’re a member of the club.

Keep in mind that there are three membership levels for you to consider. The nicer you go, the nicer the room will be. The membership levels are value, moderate, and deluxe.

While the deluxe category is obviously nicer, the other categories still get the nicest rooms available for their category.

If you need more room because you have a bigger family, there are accommodations that are available for these families as well. Keep in mind that the larger the room is that you choose, the more of your points you’re going to have to shell out. When you’re buying your membership, keep the room size in mind or you might find yourself in a tight situation when a big family.

Is the Disney Vacation Club Worth It?

Now, is the Disney Vacation Club worth it? That decision can only be made by you and your family. Sit down and ask yourself how often you’ll go and how many years you’ll go until the magic of Disney fades.

Do you want to learn more about vacationing and other key topics for enjoying your family? Keep reading our blog to get the information you need.

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