Is skateboarding good exercise? Yes, absolutely, and no, you don’t have to be in your teens or twenties to start skateboarding. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Skateboarding is a fun activity to master whether you’re young, obese, tall, or thin. Everyone can take advantage of this fun way to exercise. Here you go to find the best skateboard lessons in Florida.

When you think of skateboarding, you usually think of young people who easily and smoothly get around the ramps and parks and do various tricks. Young people who have good balance and strength, and who, when they fall, roll one lap softly and nicely before they are up on their feet again, ready for the next lap on the ramp. It is easy to believe that skateboarding is only for the younger ones and those who are healthy. However, that is not the case.

Does skateboarding burn calories and Is skateboarding good exercise? It is and this is the reason why a growing number of individuals are taking up skateboarding and want to know how to skateboard. This can look to non-skaters as just a joyful ride on two wheels; skateboarding, however, requires a lot more work than you may imagine. Learning how to skateboard and pushing the board takes effort. So, is skating a good exercise? Skateboarding is a beneficial workout that strengthens the body’s core muscles. The strength needed to push the board is provided by the abdominal muscles in the core.

Is Skateboarding Good Exercise? Muscles Engaged During Skateboarding

Is Skateboarding Good Exercise

Is skateboarding good exercise? It is not just a good exercise but also improves your balance and coordination skills. Because of the great degree of balance and coordination required during skateboarding, the exercise works on most body muscles. Most significantly, skateboarding strengthens the core muscles. The hips, abdominal muscles, and muscles around the spine are all part of the core muscles. For instance, the coordination and movement of the hands and legs are controlled by core muscles. Additionally, it strengthens the gluteus, hamstring, lower legs, and quadriceps muscles.

Is Skateboarding Good Exercise – Balance Training

To perform a skateboard, even if you do not do a lot of tricks, a decent basic balance and a certain strength in the body are required. This is something that can be trained over time, and that almost everyone can get better at. As you get older and have left adolescence behind, life will seriously pick up speed with all the musts, and interest as a skateboarder may be put on the shelf, or not exercised as often. The balance and strength can thus deteriorate. Instead, continue to practice, and keep going a little now and then. A good balance is good for the whole body and means that you avoid incorrect loads and injuries from life in general, or from your workplace. Skateboarding is a way for you to move naturally and dynamically.

Does Skateboarding Burn Calories?

Does Skateboarding Burn Calories

Does skateboarding burn calories? Skateboarding not only promotes physical and mental health but also helps you lose weight, build muscle, look fit and yes, burn calories. Skateboarding is a workout in itself, provided you know how to do it properly.

You’ll be surprised to know that skateboarding for one hour a day can help you burn between 300-500 calories, depending on your weight and skateboarding intensity level. With this amount of calories burned, it doesn’t take too long to experience positive changes in your body.

Types Of Skateboards

Types Of Skateboards

When you ask β€˜Is skateboarding good exercise’, you need to also understand that there are different types of skateboards and your exercise level will depend on what type of skateboard you choose. When you ask how to skateboard, there are many different ways you can skateboard and thus many different types of skateboards. When choosing a skateboard, decide for yourself what you will use your skateboard for. A longboard can be used to cruise and carve on, while the classic skateboard is for tricks and ramps. There are also old-school/cruiser models that are compact and easy to steer. They are something in between the other two skateboards but can not be used for tricks.

You should also check out what type of wood the board is made of. Maple wood is the hardest and thus the one that best withstands harsh use. If you have a small foot (size 35 – 40), you should choose a board, which is between 7.25 and 7.8 inches in width. If you use shoe sizes 40 – 45, you should choose a board of 7.8 – 9 inches or more. If you have a size 45 or over, you should choose a deck that is at least 7.8 inches.


For those who are not interested in trick training, ramps, and jumping, there is a longer variant of skateboard called the longboard. It can be compared to long-distance skating versus figure skating and is perfect for those who want to go out and enjoy the weather and nature or take you from point A to point B. A longboard trains the basic balance The longboard can be a perfect tool for a skating enthusiast to use to recover from injuries or illnesses or to keep the interest going even if the body starts to say no to a ride.

Is Skateboarding A Sport?

Is Skateboarding A Sport

Is skateboarding a sport? A lot of people have this question in their minds. And like them, this question might pop up in your head after getting the answer to the question “Is skateboarding good exercise”.Β  Skateboarding entered the world stage as a “sport” for the first time in history in the Olympics 2020. It was definitely a controversial topic among skateboarders, but like it or not, skateboarding is now an Olympic sport. So, if you ask is skateboarding a sport? Yes, it is.

Never Give Up

Many people suffer from osteoarthritis or arthritis, that is, wear and tear or various forms of rheumatism, and therefore believe that they will no longer be able to board. This is in many cases very wrong. If, for example, you have osteoarthritis in one knee, there are today both good medicines and good forms of exercise that can help you maintain an active life. Just because your body is starting to get a little worn out does not mean that it is time to put the board on the shelf.

When it comes to osteoarthritis and arthritis, it is usually exercise that actually helps. It is important to keep the body going even if it can hurt a little here and there and the balance gets worse. Use a longboard to calmly and gently exercise again, regain self-confidence and take control of the body. Remember that it only gets worse from sitting still, and if you still have to train and keep going, why not take up an old forgotten interest?

So, to conclude, the clear and loud answer to the question – Is skateboarding good exercise – is a resounding YES.

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