Did you know that there are some states where it’s legal to grow both medical and recreational marijuana? If you like to partake, then you might be interested in growing some plants yourself. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than going “farm to table”!

However, it’s not as easy as just scattering a few seeds, watering them, and having a nice big plant grow as a result. There are many factors that’ll affect your success.

For example, if you want to grow weed yourself, then you might be wondering whether or not you should do so indoors or outdoors. Here’s what you need to know to have a better time growing marijuana!

Overall Requirements for Growing Cannabis

growing cannabis

Before you decide where you want to grow your cannabis plants, you should first get the basics down.

Central Asia is where the plant first came from, which means you’ll need to mimic the environment there to make your plants happy. In general, their optimal temperature range in the daytime is 75-86F. As for humidity, they’ll do well between 40-60% RH.

Marijuana plants need plenty of sunlight, as well as some darkness to mimic nighttime. For nutrients, they need the basics that other houseplants need: NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium). However, they’ll need a mix of majority nitrogen.

If you’re wondering about how often they need to be watered, that depends on several factors, which we’ll cover more in detail later.

Growing Weed Indoors

Growing Weed Indoors

Growing weed indoors might be something you’re looking into since you want to be discreet. Not everyone wants to announce to their neighbors that they’re growing cannabis, after all! Plus, you might not have enough outdoor space or no yard space to work with.

So what should you know about growing weed inside? Below are some pros and cons you should consider when growing weed indoors.

Pro: Get Marijuana All Year Long

Because you’re growing marijuana indoors with conditions that don’t change drastically, this means you can keep growing plant after plant. As a result, you’ll get good bud all year long.

Con: High Cost to Start

To mimic the conditions cannabis usually grows in, you’ll need to buy lots of equipment to grow your weed indoors. Not only that, but you’ll also need to pay for the electricity that powers this equipment, and that won’t be cheap.

Things you’ll need include lights, fertilizer, and temperature controls.

Pro: You Control the Environment

A benefit of the high cost to start is that you can control the environment your weed’s growing in. You won’t be at the whim of bad weather or pests, so there are not as many random factors to deal with.

Pro: It’s Easier to Grow Higher Grade Cannabis

Because you’re able to control the growing environment, this means your yield will be of higher quality. There’s the potential to get weed with lots of trichomes and terpenes.

For those of you who have been researching growing already, you might be wondering: are terpenes more important than CBD potency? Secret Nature CBD has the answers.

Growing Weed Outdoors

Growing Weed Outdoors

If you’ve got a yard and have plenty of room to try growing marijuana, then it might be a good idea to utilize this space.

But just like when growing weed indoors, there are many pros and cons that come with growing weed outdoors. Take a look below for more information.

Pro: You Don’t Need Much Equipment

For those of you who live in the right climate (such as in Northern California), you basically don’t need to do much to get your cannabis to grow. There’s plenty of sunshine, the humidity is just right, and there are ladybugs that eat up all the pests so you don’t have to spend money and time getting rid of pesky bugs.

As a result, you won’t have to spend that much money to get started.

Con: You’re at the Mercy of the Weather

While you’ll certainly enjoy free sunshine, that comes at a price. At its best, the weather can give you gorgeous sunshine, perfect humidity, and the right conditions for pests to stay away.

But at its worst, the weather can wreak havoc. It can rain so much it drowns your plants, hide away the sun for long periods of time, or be so hot it scorches your pants, and make it so there are perfect conditions for pests to explode in numbers.

Of course, you can combat the pests with pesticides, but this can be bad for the environment. And just one bad storm can damage your plants so badly there’s no salvaging them.

Con: It’s Harder to Grow Multiple Throughout the Year

If you’re lucky enough, you live somewhere where the weather’s pretty agreeable throughout the year, which will make it possible for you to grow several cannabis plants.

But if you get harsh winters, it won’t be possible to grow outdoors for a good part of the year. You’ll have to either bring everything inside or just forego growing during colder times.

Grow Weed Successfully

If you want to grow weed, then we hope this guide has been of some help. While there are many other factors that impact weed quality, at least our article’s given you a good place to start!

So decide whether or not you want to grow your marijuana indoors or out, as each one has its own pros and cons. In general, neither’s better, but growing indoors might be easier for beginners, especially if you have the funds for it.

Did you find these weed growing tips helpful? Then take a look at our other articles to get more useful tips!

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