It’s no secret that Apple offers the top technology on the market today. Though many other companies make features that rival iPhones, the overall Apple experience gives users a lifestyle that remains unmatched.

Take your iPhone experience to the next level by becoming an expert on your device. Here are 10 iPhone tips and tricks that will make you the ultimate Apple user.

1. Play Live Radio Using Siri

Yes, you heard that right. Siri isn’t just a promoter of Apple services.

Ask Siri to play your favorite local station to tune in to your favorite music. You will need a radio app for certain stations, but with Apple Music you’ve already halfway won the battle.

2. Enable Dark Mode

Dark mode is a godsend before you’ve gotten your coffee in the morning and the glare from the screen threatens to leave you blind. Turn your screen into a manageable brightness using dark mode.

Go to Setting and click Display and Brightness. There are various versions of dark mode available to choose from.

You can set the screen to automatically brighten and dim depending on the time of day by clicking ‘Automatic.’ Otherwise, your screen can remain in a visually relaxed mode so you don’t have to fully wake up in the morning until you darn well please.

3. iPhone Photo Recovery

Even with iCloud, it’s possible to lose precious memories on your iPhone. Try restoring your phone to an earlier setting to take advantage of iphone photo recovery.

There are still chances the photos are gone forever, but the frequent iCloud backups ensure your memories are at least protected on a basic level.

4. Add Siri Shortcuts

You can add quick actions to Siri if you have iOS 12 or later. Look for these shortcuts in the accompanying app by tapping Shortcuts.

Next click, Create Shortcuts to select the type of shortcut you want to use. There’s a handy Automation tab so your iPhone can respond based on the context.

For example, when you’re looking for your favorite song to play when you arrive home you can set this shortcut to get the party started the moment you walk in the door. The goal is to make your iPhone usage more intuitive throughout the day.

5. Sign in With Apple

You’ve noticed many websites allowing you the option to log in or create a membership using your Facebook login credentials. Apple now has its own version of this.

You can sign in to certain sites using your Apple ID to allow you to pay for items when shopping or create profiles. It’s an easier way to transfer your information when you’re on the go and might not have access to your wallet.

6. Apple Maps Upgrades

Apple Maps gets a bad rap. True, Siri has pointed you toward a ditch before and told you you’ve arrived at your destination.

But the intuitive features in Apple Maps are hard to ignore. The app gives you recommended directions based on where you go every day.

When you use CarPlay, the app detects where your car is parked so you don’t have to walk aimlessly through large parking garages. Create a list of favorites in Apple Maps for fast access to everywhere you need to go.

After iOS 13, you’ll have access to more public spaces like parks and beaches (not ditches) with the option to organize these locations into collections.

Simply search for a location then swipe up to tap Add to Favorites.

7. Look Around

You’ll be the ultimate Apple User when you realize that against Google, Apple wins every time. Google came out with the revolutionary street-view years ago, but Apple was waiting in the wings with a more comprehensive version.

You can now use Look Around, Apple’s version of Street View, to explore areas in Apple Maps. This is critical when you’re not sure you want to deal with the parking situation at a hot new restaurant or the location you look up sounds sketchy.

Look Around isn’t supported in every location, but if it is you’ll see a Look Around image next to the address. You can drag around in a 360-degree view to get an idea of the area.

8. Ping Your Phone

Your Apple Watch has a built-in button to ping your iPhone whenever you lose it. Simply swipe up from the home page on your Apple Watch and click the phone icon.

Your phone will make a special noise until you locate it. The same option is available using the Find My Phone feature which has now been combined with Find My Friends.

You can find lost phones or erase them remotely to avoid having your data compromised. Click the option to play a sound when the phone gets turned on if you are sure it’s in a safe place.

9. Portrait Mode

You can get professional-grade photos and memories using portrait mode. This setting in your phone’s camera uses natural light to create a bokeh effect on your photos.

This means the subject is in focus but the background is softened to create an artistic effect. The updated feature now allows you to photograph inanimate objects as well.

10. Mouse Mode

It’s tough to highlight exactly what you want on a tiny screen. This issue is doubled if you have larger than average fingers.

Enter the mouse mode shortcut. Hold down the space bar on your phone and it operates as a mouse or trackpad on a computer.

You can highlight what you need down to the detail without worrying about accidentally clicking the wrong thing.

Getting Good iPhone Tips

Whenever you upgrade the software on your device don’t ignore the new iPhone tips. Having the phone for a length of time doesn’t automatically give you insight into how every new feature works.

It only takes a couple of minutes to swipe through tutorials on the newest features. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.

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