Do you want to straighten your teeth without having to put metal braces on them? If so, then Invisalign might be the best option for you.

With Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about people staring at your braces every time you open your mouth. As its name would suggest, Invisalign is invincible to the naked eye, so people won’t even know that you’re using Invisalign unless you tell them.

The only minor downside to using Invisalign is that it can be costly. It’ll run you between $3,000 and $8,000 on average.

But not to worry. Invisalign financing is available for those who would like to take advantage of it. There are many orthodontic treatment financing options that you can choose from to pay for Invisalign.

Here are a handful of Invisalign treatment financing options that you can pick from to take care of your Invisalign costs.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

First things first: If you’re thinking about starting Invisalign treatment soon, you should touch base with your dental insurance company about it. There is a decent chance that they might cover all or at least part of your Invisalign costs.

If you’re going to be getting Invisalign solely for cosmetic purposes, you shouldn’t be too surprised if your dental insurance company shoots down your request. But oftentimes, dental insurance companies will provide dental coverage for Invisalign if you need to do something like fix overbite issues.

It would be worth checking to see if you qualify for dental coverage for Invisalign. It could save you a ton of money and prevent you from having to go into debt to utilize Invisalign.


Do you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or a health savings account (HSA) as part of your health insurance coverage? If you do, you might also want to look into using an FSA or an HSA to pay for Invisalign.

Many FSA and HSA policies are set up to provide you with the funds that you’ll need to pay for things like Invisalign. It wouldn’t hurt to ask your insurance company if you can use an FSA or HSA to take care of Invisalign costs.

Dental Loans

There are many lenders out there that have realized that there is a market for people trying to pay for dental procedures. They have taken it upon themselves to start dishing out dental loans to those who can’t afford to pay for Invisalign outright.

You should look into the possibility of taking out one of these dental loans. Just make sure that you shop around for a dental loan that will provide you with a great interest rate so that you don’t end up digging yourself into debt for the foreseeable future.

Orthodontic Payment Plans

There are well over 5,000 orthodontists working throughout the country right now. Many of them do whatever they can to try to stand out in the crowd.

For some orthodontists, this means providing people with payment plans for their products and services. They understand that not everyone can afford to pay for Invisalign, so they’ve stepped up and started to offer Invisalign financing.

If you know that you won’t be able to pay for Invisalign outright, you should bring this up with your orthodontist during your initial consultation with them. They should be able to explain the payment plan that they can set up for you to make your Invisalign costs way more manageable.

Family Loans

Family Loans

Generally speaking, borrowing money from family members is usually not a good idea. You could ruin your relationships with family members if you’re constantly borrowing money from them and taking a long time to pay it back.

But if you’re really in a bind and aren’t sure how to pay for Invisalign, you might want to think about potentially asking an immediate family member for help. Your parents, grandparents, or siblings might be able to offer you the money that you need to pay for Invisalign.

You should try not to get into the habit of doing this too often. You’ll run the risk of your relationships with your family members going wrong if you ever borrow money and can’t pay it back.

But as long as you come to an agreement with a family member as far as when you’ll repay them, they might not have any problem lending you money for Invisalign.


More often than not, getting Invisalign isn’t an emergency. You aren’t going to do too much harm to your teeth by waiting for a year or two to use Invisalign.

If you have the patience to do it, you might want to consider putting off getting Invisalign until you’re able to save up enough cash to pay for it. You should be able to scrounge together a few thousand dollars within just a year or two so that you can pay for Invisalign.

You might want to speak with your orthodontist before doing this as they might recommend that you try to get Invisalign sooner rather than later. But they might not have any issues with you delaying Invisalign treatment if you aren’t able to start now due to financial issues.

Look for the Right Invisalign Financing Option for Your Specific Situation

In a perfect world, dental insurance companies would always provide coverage for Invisalign. It would make it much easier for people to reap the rewards of Invisalign.

But this isn’t always an option for people. So you should be aware of all the other Invisalign financing options you can use to pay for orthodontic treatment.

orthodontic treatment

Sift through the Invisalign financing options listed here and figure out which one would work best for you. It’ll help you start using Invisalign to build a better smile.

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