What is Intuitive Movement and How It Works?

Intuitive movement, or what we also call somatic movement, in any way that we consciously move our bodies – the movement is guided internally. This is different from other ways of movement such as the practice of nauli kriya and other forms of yoga, as well as more traditional exercise.

This is because, during these activities, the movement is guided by external instructions rather than coming from within.

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Both externally-guided and internally-guided movements are important.  However, it’s known that we usually do not find ourselves executing the feminine (yin) practice of intuitive movement as much as the masculine (yang) practices of being instructed or following a strict technique.

Incorporating more intuitive movement into your daily life is beneficial in a number of ways. It allows us to explore vulnerability and we can learn how to listen to our bodies – how we want to move rather than how we are telling ourselves to move. Practicing intuitive movement can help you become closer to your spiritual being.

There are four elements to consider when we practice intuitive movement. They are:

  • Awareness – being aware of our body and going with the flow with what our body wants to form
  • Breathing – consciously connecting the breath is a powerful choice towards aliveness
  • Listening – listening to your movements will make you aware of your body and when you allow what your body wants, you will feel more connected to yourself.
  • Relaxing and focusing – when you are fully connected to your body and your consciousness, you will feel more relaxed and focused on each and every movement.

Guiding your movement internally will activate a level of awareness, focus, and relaxation that you may not have experienced before. To remember, to reach the highest level of consciousness, you need to be fully committed to your movements and what your body is doing.

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You don’t have to be great with choreographed movement in order to find success or relaxation with intuitive movement. The Internally-guided movement has nothing to do with how good the way you move is, nor does it matter how you look whilst doing it.

The whole point of this exercise is that you are able to let go of your inhibitions and thoughts, just being in the moment and at one with your body, mind, and soul. Somatic movement is very important in releasing tension in your body and working with your emotions.

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Being able to move freely in an uninhibited and intuitive way is a great bridge between the body-mind connection. It helps to integrate the two by helping you understand that body and the mind are not separated entities. The body is actually a type of “subconscious mind”, which means that the mind and the body are interwoven, what happens in one will reflect in the other. This explains why feelings and emotions are expressed and stored in our bodies. That’s why it’s so powerful to work with intuitive movement to tap deeper into what is held inside the body.

Once you are able to master the art of intuitive movement and balancing the practices of yin energy, you will feel more in tune with your being. The confidence and awareness of your own self will grow and allow you to do things with yourself at the top of your mind. It is a great exercise to bring you closer to your true self.

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