Can you believe that globally, 5 billion people access the internet every day? That’s well over half the world’s population. If so many people are on the internet, then who is using an intranet?

The truth is, unless you’ve worked for a corporation or public service agency, you may not know what an intranet is or who uses it.

Internet vs intranet: How much do you know about the differences between the two? Read on to learn more about the differences between the two.

Internet vs Intranet: The Main Differences

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Known as the World Wide Web, the internet is accessible to anyone with access to a computer or mobile device. All you need is an internet connection.

Internet services are purchased from an internet provider. An individual or organization can contract for services. Access is granted via a password or open network.

Advancements in technology have led us to wireless connections known as wi-fi.

On the other hand, the intranet is an online service similar to the internet. However, it is segmented and accessible only to a select group of users. These users are connected via the workplace, schools, or other organizations.

Who Has Access?

In contrast, the intranet relies on the internet but not everyone on the internet can see an intranet. As noted above, the number of people accessing the internet is infinite. To access the intranet, you must receive access.

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The Intranet Explained:

You’re hired by a company and you enter a web address via the internet. Once on the website, you see an employee login. You enter your credentials and get redirected to a portion of the website restricted to employees only.

On the site is information about the company, newsletters, important documents, and access to your paystubs.

Thanks to cloud-based storage, you no longer need to access the intranet while connected to the organization’s internal modem. You can access it from anywhere using your credentials.

Internet Guide

Because the internet is accessible by anyone from anywhere, you’re at a greater risk of exposure and online theft. The internet contains a wealth of information. It also houses personal data and financial information.

Although you can sign in to your internet service using a login and password, once you’re online, it’s a different story. Imagine going to the mall and locking your car door. That protects the car, but not you once you’re inside the mall.

Intranet Explained

Here are some crucial internet tips.

Only visit websites that are secure. Look for HTTPS at the start of the web address

Create strong user IDs and passwords when entering personal data and banking information. Make sure the site uses data encryption. Also, consider using a VPN and installing anti-virus software.

Surf the Web Responsibly

Now that you know the difference between the internet vs intranet, it’s important to use both responsibly. Remember, on the internet, you must protect yourself. On the intranet, the organization is protecting the data.

We hope you found this information useful. For more technology tips and trends, continue to browse our site.

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