Vida Humana Internacional, a Miami-based Spanish-only website from the anti-abortion group Human Life International, has recently upgraded its website.

Human Life announced earlier this month that it would be focusing its efforts on “five primary constituencies: Hispanic Americans, Catholic families, college students, clergy and educators, and the medical community.” The group is the “world’s largest international pro-life organization and has affiliates and associates in over 100 countries on six continents.”

A recent press release announcing the upgraded site says:

“We have a great fight on our hands in Hispanic societies if we are to maintain a pro-life and pro-family culture. This updated web site is designed to give information and tools to Hispanic pro-lifers, and facilitate an effective defense of life and family,” says Human Life International (HLI) Interim President Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Carambula.

“With our web site, Vida Humana Internacional (VHI), Human Life International’s Hispanic Division, has effectively educated millions in the U.S., South and Central America, in the Caribbean and Spain, and around the world, about human dignity and defending the lives of the most vulnerable,” said Magaly Llaguno, Director of  Hispanic Outreach for HLI America. “This site allows us to more effectively educate and motivate, both of which are essential if we are to regain lost ground in the battle for life and family in our culture, and build a culture of life.”

“Let this also be a call to our collaborators in the Spanish-speaking world to join us in improving our strategies and tactics, and share your stories with those who support your efforts worldwide,” said Mario Rojas, Director of Coordination of VHI.

According to the group, the Spanish-only site has gotten “an average of over 8,000 visits a day for the last seven years, which comes to over 17 million visits.”

Human Life International has also recently invested more time in another of its websites. The group released an upgrade to a controversial website of theirs called “Pro-Choice Violence.”

The website aims to provide “extensive research on the surprising amount of violence perpetrated by abortionists and the proponents of ‘choice,’ compared to the relatively few violent crimes committed by ‘pro-life’ advocates.” As was previously reported, the site’s state-by-state reports of “pro-choice violence” have little to do with a “pro-choice movement.” Most of the accounts are random acts of crime that involve abortion.

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